Girls do you like being chased?

Do you like being chased? are you ever scared the guy won't think you are interested?


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  • i have never really "enjoyed" being chased persay, but some guys like a challenge. I never meant to be persued, I really wasn't interested in the last guy who chased me, he was attractive and all, but I was young and didn't want a boyfriend, I enjoyed being single. I even turned him down more than once for a date. I was only nice to him because I was at work every time he came to see me and I couldn't be mean or I'd get in trouble. I eventually agreed to go on a date with him so he'd leave me alone and because he was really persistant. then we ended up being dating exclusively for 2.5 years.


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  • I think the chase is one of the most exciting parts of a new "thing" with someone. But to not leave any clues and expect the guys to keep in pursuit is wrong. It's not fair to the guy. So as long as I'm leaving some sort of clues then I want the chase to continue and I like it.

    PS Seriously creepy picture

    • That might be fun for you but trust me, for a guys that is quite annoyable. Most of the guys will just drop eventually the chase. The chasing thing and not telling everything like it this is the most 2x suckiest things girl can do for a guy, before they even date.

      I might think like this because I ain't player but who knows. Players would probably no doubt keep trying since they gotta get what they want, aye?

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    • That's what I mean by it's different for each guy. Different guys respond differently to different things. And frankly, if it was me in the situation, you would know, I would make sure of that. If I wasn't interested I would let you down gently right away, but if I was, I would make sure that you were aware.

    • Yes super mega creepy

  • I like being "chased" if it's by a guy that I at least might be possibly interested in.

    otherwise it's just annoying.

    well actually even if it's by an alright guy and he does it too much likes seems to stalk me then that's annoying too.

  • I like to be chased! I don't really ever think that the guy won't think I am interested. I think that I do a pretty good job making sure he knows it without giving too much away( if that makes any sense). Although lately I think I am the one doing the chasing haha.

  • Uhm.I would think the guy was pyscho if he chased me. I hate clingy guys who won't leave me alone. However, the sencond part is a yes.

  • I do not enjoy being chased unless I am already in love with the guy. I hate it when a guy really likes me a lot and I don't like them at all. I just don't know how to deal with situations like that.

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  • Personally I don't like the idea of chasing girls. When they play hard to get it makes them come across as immature, and plus the LAST thing I need is a girl who plays mind games, and things like that to me mean mind games.

    I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I don't hide anything from the girl that pertains to her and I don't drop hints or signs. I'm very up front about what I need and want and what I'm thinking, and if the girl can't show me the respect of being that way back to me, well then she can go take a long walk off a short pier for all I care.

  • if I wanted to play chase, I'll buy a DOG!

  • everything in moderation, if the girl wants to be chased, she'll show she wants to, and I'll show I want to chase her as well, but, like I said everything in moderation... basically there's a line between being chased and being stalked, ya know?

  • HI GIRLS... I'm a guy but whoa... your answers gives us confidence after all =) , the truth is, we really love chasing girls (we really love to give them compliments, make them special and say sweet words towards them) especially to a girl we really most admire such as crush. But however, the problem is that, we guys are sometimes afraid that we might get the girl annoyed if we chase her, especially thinking if she's not interested (maybe this is the answer why there are guys who never really chase at all.) So girls, if you knew someone who has a crush on you, show him a little indication that you are interested and also, please do not feel disturb when guys stay silent because it might indicate that he's only shy and not what in your so-called "not interested.." =)

  • From my experience, chasing a girl who wants to play games with you can be tricky. Chase too much and you risk being placed into this weird "obsessive/needy" category -- too many women over-think it and start to wonder why you're chasing them and not the other way around, then they wonder what's wrong with you or why you're rushing it, then they ignore you ...and if you try and contact them while they are giving you the silent treatment, you're all of a sudden considered a psycho. Ha... it's kind of silly but I guess it's the nature of the game.

    It's like a rubber band, you pull back a little and they will chase you (if attracted to you); you chase them and they might start to pull back a little (depending on level of attraction)... but chase them too much and some get all freaked out. Just depends on the person though.