Why do girls run away from the nice guys when they always say that's what they want?

Girls always say that they end up with assholes, but when there is a nice guy in front of them they don't know how to react.


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  • Simple solution if you not getting anywhere being nice then switch it up a bit, become a jerk, look women whine, cry, and complain a lot and about the dumbest crap you can think of. So instead of acting like her gay shopping pal, step up your game, and when she whines and cries and complains tell her to stop. Stop being there for her every step of the way who cares, they have other girls to deal with all that emotional crap, if all women wanted was a nice guy in life this whole world would be full of over emotional not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings, guys, thank god the world isn't like that.

    Be a man not a shoulder to cry on, trust me once you stop being their crutch and actually tell them well ya life is full of problems no reason to cry because you can't find the right shoes to go with your dress you will get a lot further with women. Stop being so understanding of them, who cares I don't know why they can't leave the house because their hair doesn't look good, I just tell them wear a hat then, or a put your hair in a pony tail, but if you don't figure it out in about 5 seconds I'm leaving without you.

    A nice guy would say something like no no your hair looks beautiful as it is, but if you really think it's that bad and if you don't want to go then we can just stay here. Notice the difference one guys a jerk about it and mission accomplished she's in the car. The nice guy gets screwed because he let her get her way and now he gets to sit at her house with her while she sits and pouts on how her whole day is ruined and he gets to comfort her.

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      Wow... reverse psychology.. you know what.. not a bad idea.. but nice guys better remember it pretty fast when theyre in a situation like above..

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