When did you first realize that you were in love?

Was it a specific event? Did it just click in your mind? Was it gradual?

Ok, go!


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  • I thought I was in love once with an ex he loved me but I couldn't understand why he was always so mad at me for not calling or textin him when I said I would he would get crazy if I wasn't around or talking to him and we broke up. I've been talkin to another guy for about a year now and I understand how my ex felt. My guy now is like..my world I would do anything for him we've had our problems before... he cheated ..but I couldn't help but to still be there for him.. I mean I didn't approve at all and it was far from ok but id rather have him as just a friend then not at all I don't know what I would do without him. He's def. Not "commited" but he's there for me if I ever need anything and he has these bizzar ideas of life that blow my mind he's just amazing I realized it all at once one day in the car when I just started crying for no reason and his reaction was...almost as if he couldn't even look at me when I was sad. And I thought of everything we've been through and how I could have changed things but then I knew that I wouldn't. I just love everything about him. His smile, his dorky glasses, and he off the wall personallity. I didn't know one person could be such a pain in your ass and at the same time make you fell like you have everything in the world when he sitting right beside you. I can't be mad at him ever! Likes to short to focus on your disappointments! :D


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  • It took a little while for me. I dated this girl for a couple months and really liked her. We texted every day and facebook chatted until 1am like every night for the first couple weeks. It was great. We hung out together, always just the two of us, and I was the happiest I've ever been in my life. I loved spending time with her and hearing about her day. I loved talking to her, and listening to her even more. I loved just looking at her face and seeing her smile. I loved it when she was happy, and I did everything I could to make her so. I loved getting texts from her and the way she thought and spoke. I loved everything about her; she was perfect in my eyes.

    I'm in love with the most amazing girl I've ever met, but it just isn't working out.

    I couldn't, and still can't, imagine anyone better than her. I'm madly in love with her and I don't know how I'll ever get over her, but I guess I have to.

    • I have the exact same feeling. But she, for no apparent reason, decided to stop contacting me and started making up excuses every time I asked her to come to something/do something with me.

  • Meh, I thought I was in love with my ex after a few months of dating her, but looking back that was far from love

  • Well I'm not sure what "love" you're talking about, but the closest I've been to "sexual and mental love" was a love I'm sure I felt with a friend I used to have. She was fantastic. I don't think I like liked her, but I know I loved her as a friend more than anyone else. I think it was gradual. One day over the phone, when she was a little down, I basically told her I'd always be there for her, and that I loved her as a friend and always would.


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  • I think it just crept up on me. I knew I liked the two guys I've loved, and I was happy. But at some point it switched from that to them being this focal point in my life, so entrenched and important that it was hard to imagine not having them.

    My guy now, sometimes I just get this overwhelming feeling when I look at him, or when he gives up $20 we probably shouldn't spend on our limited budget to buy me a book, or when he does the dishes for me, or when he just lets me hog the covers in bed. It's the little things, the wanting to see him before he gets off work and not being able to stand it until he gets home, or just watching him sleep. I can't explain it.

    It wasn't something that came up on me at once, it was just a culmination of every little thing he does for me, everything I want to do for him, and it just built. He was just this presence in my life, and I found myself searching for those little moments, and I knew it.

  • i first realised when I went went home from being with him and texting him straight away and when I got butter flys when he text me and when he was around me

  • I guess it happened gradually. I realize it when we're fighting. I never mean what I say. There's no point in being mad at him because I am so in love with him. No matter what I feel in the moment, in the long run it just simply doesn't matter. I think HE realized how much he loved me when he was with another girl. Even though my heart was shattered, I still tried to be there for him, especially when his grandpa was about to die. But anyways, no we're on the same page at the same time.

  • i had a dream about my boyfriend for like a week straight that he was right beside me in bed smiling at me and I couldn't figure out what it meant at first and then I had a dream about us being in bed watching sports and I am not really into sports but I had a dream about that and then I went away on a trip and on the plan there was a lot of turbulence and in that time period I figured out that I loved him and that's what the dreams were all about and I hadent ever had a dream about a boyfriend like that before only when a guy had broken up with me then I had a dream but not good positive dreams like that it meant that I loved him more then I had ever loved any one else before

  • I think you always know.

  • just clicked.

  • Emmm, it was very sudden! he said he loved me and I thought about it, could I live without him, how happy he makes me! and then I new I loved him and we would be with each other forever!