When did you first realize that you were in love?

Was it a specific event? Did it just click in your mind? Was it gradual?

Ok, go!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I thought I was in love once with an ex he loved me but I couldn't understand why he was always so mad at me for not calling or textin him when I said I would he would get crazy if I wasn't around or talking to him and we broke up. I've been talkin to another guy for about a year now and I understand how my ex felt. My guy now is like..my world I would do anything for him we've had our problems before... he cheated ..but I couldn't help but to still be there for him.. I mean I didn't approve at all and it was far from ok but id rather have him as just a friend then not at all I don't know what I would do without him. He's def. Not "commited" but he's there for me if I ever need anything and he has these bizzar ideas of life that blow my mind he's just amazing I realized it all at once one day in the car when I just started crying for no reason and his reaction was...almost as if he couldn't even look at me when I was sad. And I thought of everything we've been through and how I could have changed things but then I knew that I wouldn't. I just love everything about him. His smile, his dorky glasses, and he off the wall personallity. I didn't know one person could be such a pain in your ass and at the same time make you fell like you have everything in the world when he sitting right beside you. I can't be mad at him ever! Likes to short to focus on your disappointments! :D