Is this shy guy jealous?

I think a guy likes me, but he is too shy. He saw me with another guy /we were alone, but not on a date/ and he didn't acknowledge me, he didn't say... Show More

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  • Yep, just answered a question about modern dating... this fits the bill.

    I'm shy, and live online, and know how this goes when I'm out in the real world. Women seem more important than they really are if you don't watch out. That's not to insult you. I'm saying he's blown you up in his head, and now feels like he made a mistake.

    Shy guys' crushes are tentative. We don't want to screw up and say the wrong thing, so we usually don't interact as much as we should when we meet a girl we like. Then when we do interact, every positive turn makes our little hearts flip and jump around like a happy puppy.

    When he saw you with the other guy, his hopes were dashed. Thought you had a relationship going on with the other guy, felt ostracized.

    The key with a shy guy is letting him know he isn't going to be taken so seriously as he takes himself, in a kind-hearted, respectful way... but he might need to be snapped out of it with some flirting and teasing, at this point.

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