My grandpa is dying... And I don't know how to deal with it. Suggestions?

My grandpa, who I am extremely close to is dying. Its really stressing me out, like REALLY stressing me out.

I'm developing an eating disorder, my grades are slipping ( they went from As and Bs to Ds and Fs), I'm afraid to have relationships with people because I'm afraid something bad will happen to them, and basically I'm screwed, and I've been snappy toward my parents for no reason at all. This is the first person I have had to watch die, and he was my best friend growing up. I can't fathom the idea of life with out him.

Have you ever gone through this, or am I just a basket case? If you have gone through this, how did you get through it?

Even if you haven't gone through this... Any suggestions?


Most Helpful Guy

  • My grandmother was my best friend in life. I began living with her when I was 15, and stayed til I was 18. We had a bond that I've never experienced with another person, including my ex wife of 23 years. I was in my early 20's when she died suddently from a heart attack. I was absolutely devestated. I made it a point of "manhood" not to cry in those days, but I cried like a baby the day she died, and found myself prone to tears for some weeks after. I found it hard to even eat for several days. She was the first person I had lost who was close to me. I know you're young, but try and understand that death is going to be a part of living. You'll bury others who are dear to you over time, and each time will be hard, but it does become a little more bearable after the very first. Try and remember, your grandfather is a big part of what makes you the way you are. He lives on through you, and as you get older, you'll pass a part of him on to your future children. In a way, if you fall apart now, you're letting your grandpa down. Be brave and have as much good time with each other as is possible. Tell him how much he helped you prepare for life, and show him also by finding strength. Force yourself to move forward, and remember, your grief will subside over time, but the memory will never abate even one bit.