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Do any couples ever have sex all day long on a holiday or weekend?

Say it's Christmas or 4th of July or any day you don't have to go to work. Would you just never get out of bed the whole day except to eat, brush... Show More

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  • Dear Anonymous:

    Yes, I have spent many Sundays, holidays with my partner in bed making love through out the day......and yes naked all day. We would wake shower; have breakfast together; make love; possible take a nap; read a bit; make love; watch a movie; make love; talk; kiss; touch; massage; make love..........the answer is yes! And no one has a perfect relationship.....you bond and accept the good; bad and indifferent...........and until you can accept yourself and your partner with all their wonderful imperfections.......you may never know what it is to spend a day naked with someone...........passion and sensuality are about being open; honest and putting your partners sexual satisfaction before your own..........! It is amazing how much bonding you can do on a rainy Sunday.

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  • Yes, they are called lazy Sundays or dirty weekends away :p

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  • I don't know because I'm not married yet, but I'm sure I would love to spend a day in bed with your wife

    • Are you Polynesians brother again?

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