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When I talk to other girls, she gets all mad and tries to make me feel like crap, what's her deal?

There's this girl that I like but sometimes she acts like a brat. On new year's I was in such a good mood and I told her "c'mon, be happy, the new... Show More

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  • Double standards. It's up to you if she's worth to keep being treated like that or keep communicating with her to avoid offending each other in the future (usually a lot of work, no one wants to be criticized or said they were wrong to -feel- insulted).

    The stereotypical woman, or even, immature like a girl, is that you're supposed to catch her in the act and show that you were hurt by her comment. Some girls are sadistic, they register their partner's pain as the passion and proof that the person cares for them. As a saying goes, the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference which cuts very deep (you used the "whatever" tone). Her jealousy is a form of hate/love, so she really likes you, but she's not going to put down her pride to say she does like you. However females can be hypersensitive to being pointed out they did something wrong, such as you pointed out that she was being a jerk to you. They usually need sugar coating or the topic to be not about them doing something wrong, but that they have to "do something else". It might have turned out better if you said that her first comment was not polite before it build up inside of you.

    The thing is if it didn't still turn out okay, even after this, she's not going to be kind to you ever because she believes she's right, she may never go out with you, but doesn't want to lose you to anyone else because you're giving her security that she is attractive. Sorry doesn't make girls forget your actions, it's disarming the argument at the moment or make up by clearing any misunderstandings even if it wasn't your fault. Even being punished by her won't make her feel better, so.. good luck and hope she's not those crazy ones.

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  • She is extremely jealous. She appears bitchy but I think she is into you a lot. She doesn't want to show it in fear you reject her or hurt her. She uses that attitude as a shield and I think she is a lot more vulnerable and sensitive than she shows.

  • Seems obvious to me: she's a stuck up *bleep* and an attention wh***, who also seems to think you're not worthy of her, but she is better than every other girl so you should want *her*.

  • It all comes down to the fact that she likes you. She may not admit it, but girls don't get their feelings hurt unless they have legitimate feelings for you.

  • It means she cares about you deeply. Take it from me. I did the SAME exact thing to my boyfriend because he was the most important thing in my world and HATED when he talked to other girls. But in other words she just over protective and doesn't want to lose you that's what was always in my mind "protect the prize and make it known" and the fighting allllll relationships have fighting and you'll have to find some compromise to make those things go away best of luck!

  • kind of seems like she is falling for you. we get that way when we actually like a guy. it's a girl thing jealousy is all it boils down to.

  • Honestly...run.

    She isn't going to get any better. She is very jealous and moody. Sorry to sound mean...but she's just going to bring you down and that's not fair to you.

  • Awwww, she LIKES you! I think she's just being defensive because she's afraid of showing her feelings to you. As a woman growing around a lot of males, I tended toward this behavior & still have trouble properly revealing my feelings for someone in a manner that is kind & passionate. Perhaps she is hoping you make the first move & tell her your feelings? I think you should definitely give it a shot & let her know how you feel.

  • She really really really likes you. To be honest I would act the same way she would. At the begining when she said "Well, I would be happy with other people, but not with you." She wants more attention and she wants you to be like 'why' 'what did I do' and stuff like that. She's not really mad at you, she's just putting on an act for you affection. Where you went wrong(in a girls mind) is when she was perfectly happy the next day and you kinda put her down. I know she put you down the day before. But(this is going to sound a bit selfish) you have to throw your feelings aside and be happy that she is happy and go from there. When she said happy new years you should of said it back happier and when another girl says it to you you say it normal(just not as good as you said it to her, girls notice thoose things). She really likes you and you feel the same. Hope it helped<3.

  • You probably did something that made her mad that apparently you don't even know what it was, that made her act crappy towards you in the first place. You guys probably aren't close enough to where she feels comfortable talking to you about it straight up so she just reacted this way to show you that you did something wrong.

    Some people are saying she's a brat. But really whether she's worth it or not is up to you. I for one wouldn't be so quick to judge her negatively. She probably has her reasons for why she was rude to you. If you really like her maybe do something sweet for her and say you're sorry for being harsh to her and tell her you like her and see if you guys could maybe date or something.

    If you like her but haven't told her and then are extremely friendly with other girls in front of her on purpose when she was already in a bad mood then you can see why that might be a little frustrating. Give her a little slack. Best wishes.

  • She is immature, things will only get worse. Dump that and move on, sorry. But she WILL get worse to the point where she can control you, plus she seems extremely rude and she should give you more respect than what she has given you

  • insecurity

  • She is majorly jealous!

  • She's just jealous for you and wants you to feel as bad as she feels when you talk to other girls.

  • She probably got mad at you for the same reason you snapped at her. She was in a whatever moodby that point. SShe's jealous and I can't imagine you don't get that.

  • its just tension...means she likes you a lot and is a little insecure and nervous around u...u should ask her out. don't take her fights too seriously, just laugh it off, a lot of girls do this lol, it just happens when your inexperienced and scared around the guy you like, she's not sure if you truly like her or not so she snaps at u. but she likes you a lot. you should ask her out soon and don't let the games take over trust me it gets annoying after a while and gets worse if you keep letting them carry out, like she will start flirting with another guy, or you will start flirting with another girl, jealousy games, etc, don't let that happen. if you like her just take her out to dinner soon.

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  • shes a women they think we want a challenge when if its in the opposite way they hate it...

    so her deal is that she's a stereotypical female

  • Sounds like it's getting more serious then you thought I find that to be so when boys and girls start getting "IRRITATED" with each other go say your sorry give her one red rose (a symbol of love) it will make her smile and make her feel better

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