When I talk to other girls, she gets all mad and tries to make me feel like crap, what's her deal?

There's this girl that I like but sometimes she acts like a brat. On new year's I was in such a good mood and I told her "c'mon, be happy, the new year is coming" and she said "Well, I would be happy with other people, but not with you". We take jabs at each other like this but this one kind of... Show More

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  • Double standards. It's up to you if she's worth to keep being treated like that or keep communicating with her to avoid offending each other in the future (usually a lot of work, no one wants to be criticized or said they were wrong to -feel- insulted).

    The stereotypical woman, or even, immature like a girl, is that you're supposed to catch her in the act and show that you were hurt by her comment. Some girls are sadistic, they register their partner's pain as the passion and proof that the person cares for them. As a saying goes, the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference which cuts very deep (you used the "whatever" tone). Her jealousy is a form of hate/love, so she really likes you, but she's not going to put down her pride to say she does like you. However females can be hypersensitive to being pointed out they did something wrong, such as you pointed out that she was being a jerk to you. They usually need sugar coating or the topic to be not about them doing something wrong, but that they have to "do something else". It might have turned out better if you said that her first comment was not polite before it build up inside of you.

    The thing is if it didn't still turn out okay, even after this, she's not going to be kind to you ever because she believes she's right, she may never go out with you, but doesn't want to lose you to anyone else because you're giving her security that she is attractive. Sorry doesn't make girls forget your actions, it's disarming the argument at the moment or make up by clearing any misunderstandings even if it wasn't your fault. Even being punished by her won't make her feel better, so.. good luck and hope she's not those crazy ones.