How did girls hide their farts?

This is just for laughs, but I really never hear my girlfriend fart on dating or even if when she came and slept with me in my room all day. It's great that girls can hide it, I hope she do, but she never when she stay with me. ... How did girls hide their farts and when does they do it? I really want to know.


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  • I don't know about your girlfriend but I'm used to hiding them. This is an embarrassing topic I normally don't talk about. I barley even fart for some reason? Maybe it's because I eat light food and not so much of it. I think girls are taught that they shouldn't fart around people so they are used to hiding it, so my guess is that she is doing it when she is alone. Ask her haha.


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  • Okay, I never fart in front of people either.
    If you can't keep from farting in front of others you must have the sphincter control of a 4 year old.


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  • I try to fart when no is around so I excuse myself esp when in an enclosed room. If I can't hold it and go somewhere else, I hope and plead that it won't sound! lol Guys fart more so... that's the root cause. hehe


What Guys Said 1

  • My girlfriend sharts in my face.