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Guys Need to Re-Evaluate the Girls They Go After

It seems to be that many guys feel like they should have the girls who are tough to get. Or maybe they’re inadvertently being taught that they need to try hard to get the girl. Either way, it sends a lot of guys into a...


4 Things Girls Should Look For in a Guy Before Committing to a Long-Term Relationship

1. Girls want to make sure that they find the right type of guy, and I'm sure it's nearly impossible to find the perfect guy, but the kind of guy who isn't a fuck-boy or someone who isn't looking for a free-ride (someone...


12-Step Plan: From Total Stranger to Potential Girlfriend💌!!

1) Pick the girl! Any girl you find attractive! 2) Find out what time you normally see her and where! Maybe, you bump into the pretty red head girl everyday at 2pm at school. 3) Take mental notes how she walks. Is she...


Why I'm Single And Damn Proud Of It

BATTLEROYALE# Why am I single? That's a question I ask myself everyday. In middle school I was typically a very sad, lonely teenager who had no friends and all. The kids in my class disliked me because I was the ugly...


Emotional Fulfillment: What Women Are Really Looking For In Relationships, Part 1

So I wrote a very extensive take on what men looked for in relationships, and this will be in the same lines at that other one, but I’ll be focusing on what women want. I decided to go into more informative, and reference...


4 Things Girls Should Look For in a Guy Before Committing to a Long-Term Relationship

1. Girls want to make sure that they find the right type of guy, and I'm sure it's nearly impossible to find the perfect guy, but the kind of guy who isn't a fuck-boy or someone who isn't looking for a free-ride (someone...


Here's Why You Definitely Want to Date Your Best Friend

Hey guys, it's Cadie and this is my take on dating my best friend! The story: We were best friends since day 1 one middle school. He offered me food and I immediately knew he was a keeper (ya know as a friend). Most...


The Concept of a "Soulmate" is Illogical, Impossible, and Magical

"There's an ass for every seat." I remember hearing this from a friend of my father's when I was very little. We were in a garage at the time and of course, such a setting is conducive to certain types of male discussion....


Why I Don't Need a Boyfriend

Why I don’t need boyfriend? #BATTLEROYALE I adore who I am “wart and all.” I don’t need someone to tell me I am “Amazing.” I don’t plan on having kids. I feel comfortable with myself like a warm jacket. I can pay my...


7 Types of Stereotypical High School Couples 💏

So, I’m starting my senior year of school tomorrow. Yay… (NOT.) For the occasion, I’m going to post a couple of school-related mytakes while the workload is light. For today’s take, we will talk about the types of couples...


33 Things a Guy Should Know About Being in a Relationship With Me

He should know that........................ 1. I'll believe him because he believes in me 2. I'll listen to him because he listens to me 3. I'll encourage him because he encourages me 4. I'll support him (mentally,...


Male Nourishment: What Men are Really Looking For in Relationships

Disclaimer: If it feels I’m beating a dead horse, I’m sorry but not sorry, since this is my preferred perspective to see relationships, through female and male behavior. At the same time, my focus on each of these takes...


13 Obvious Signs He Ain't Serious (i.e, He's a Player/Liar/Cheater)

I just wanna write this take to give some tips that a guy is toying with you and your feelings, and simply doesn't love you. I just wanted to share my past experience here so some of you guys can avoid the same sh*t....


14 Things I'm Excited to Do To My Future Husband

Since this is a "Personal” MyTake this is also a “who cares” kind of MyTake but I wanted to share it anyways. Isn’t it what a MyTake is for at the end of the day? I know that many will probably cringe reading this, but I...


Why You Don't Need Negative People In Your Life

Each of us has probably been in a place where you feel like you have to make a choice whether a person is worth your time or not. It is difficult and feelings often make us see the reality with blurry sight. You may think...


4 Easy Ways To Tell He Likes You, Girls

It's my turn to tackle Sex, Dating and Relationships for the #BATTLEROYALE. Do you know a guy and you wonder if he likes you? Here are some signs that he might, based on my personal interactions with women I have liked...


Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 2

So this is notably a direct continuation of my last take. The last thing I attempted to explain was in what ways do men project their sexuality and their nature onto women, and how that took them nowhere. So the following...


Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 1

If you haven’t read my first take, you’re very welcome to read it here. This second take I wrote (which I divided in two parts), is basically a pt. 2, and a response to my previous take. Some of the comments were very...


5 Reasons Why I Prefer Nice Guys, and Why Not ALL Women Go for Bad Boys

There's a common stereotype that all or most women prefer bad guys or the assholes out there. They also say "Nice guys finish last." From my experience this is not true in any way, shape or form. 1. I know they'll always...


New Rules: Relationship Edition

While I'm fairly certain this will end up in sexual behavior it's really about rules I'd like to take place in all current and future relationships. Rules we all know but barely seem to remember. I think people would have...


10 Things I Like About Men

Disclaimer not every quality is limited to men. However if you want to be more attractive in a feminine woman's eyes... 1. Determination I love love love when a man is determined to reach his goals in life. I love when...


There’s NO Compatibility in Relationships: Understanding Female and Male Behavior

So I’ve been meaning to write at least three different takes about relationships, and I have attempted to condense them in one or just two different ones, making it part 1 and part 2. But first of all, I’m not...


10 Signs You Definitely Don't Deserve A Long-Term Relationship

This myTake is about having a long-term partner. The real question is "Do you deserve one?" 1. You're insecure Your insecurity would negatively affect this poor person, which is why nobody likes to be with an insecure...


The Ideal Boyfriend According to Society

Here's what a guy should have to be a basic ideal partner! 1) He Hot 2) He sweet and caring 3) He interested in only you 4) He wants to try new things 5) He both Outgoing and reserved 6) His beliefs do not go against...


5 Reasons Why I Love Being In a Relationship

Recently I met someone and it is still early. But this is stuff I simply had to share. Things I had forgotten in life which this guy has now reminded me of... The reasons to love life... 1) I have a partner in crime This...


7 Things to Remember When Dating a Depressed Person <3

There may be a time in your life when you realize that you are falling for someone. This person may seem completely normal on the outside, but they are fighting a battle on the inside, and this battle takes place in their...


Am I In Love? Finally, How to Answer the Age-Old Question

Am I in love? Many times, I've seen this question asked on this site. I might even be guilty of asking it myself. There's nothing wrong with asking. It's part of the learning process. That's why I'm writing this MyTake:...


The 5 "Fs" Every Serious Couple Need to Know

Every relationship is hard in its own way, and every couple will have tough decisions to make. But how do you know if the issues you face are worth the fight? First of all, you have to be aware of the reason you are in...


My Opinions On Relationships And What They Should Be Like

Hello! So here we go! A relationship. A union where two people are together. Relationships can be good and bad. And in between. I think a relationship should feel more like a gift than a burden. So if you are feeling...


5 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Husband Be With Other Women

A lot of women are afraid of letting their man sleep or be with with other women - namely because they are insecure or afraid that he'll leave her for the new girl. I had these same fears when my husband first started...


Why I, And a Lot of Men, Will Probably Never Get a Girlfriend

Women are a very important aspect of making this world go round. They give birth to our children and they keep us men happy, but a lot of women are hard to get. It's like a game. Whoever gets the girl wins and some men...


11 Reasons Why I Love Being Single

Technically, I've never been in a relationship, so I don't have something to compare to, but I have always been my friends' "Love adviser" and I've heard it all! I like being young and completely inexperienced for several...


My Take on Love, and Why I Vow to Keep Trying

So I know what you're thinking. Here's another poor sap's opinion on something that doesn't exist. I mean how can you possibly care about someone who isn't your family? Well I'm here to tell you I have family (shocker...


An Ex and a Bad Break-Up vs. a Truly Awesome Guy: Which Do I Choose?

So I am sure we have mostly all been there and this wraps our head up in knots, and I wanted to get my thoughts out before I go stir crazy... I was with Guy A for 4 years and while he was not perfect for me I molded...


How To Spot a Commitment Phobic Male

As part of my crusade to start writing more than to just guys having a hard time getting laid with high frequency. Let me endeavor to point out a few ways a commitment phobic male like myself can be spotted. He's Too Good...


Translating Guy Speak: What He REALLY Means When He Says...

Girls, you know what I'm talking about, right? When your boyfriend - or guy you have a crush on - says something that you think is straightforward but really, if you start to think about it, it's anything but. It's...


What I'm Looking For in a Potential Girlfriend

I love girls ♥ but there are many different and unique types of girls. Some of them I like more, some of them less and some of them not at all. This Mytake is continued from my previous Mytake How I Turned From Being...


What Loving Someone Feels Like

I love him so much, my heart aches for him like a madwoman I stare at him in awe, as though he's far from a human being As though he's a work of art To me, he is.. Everything about him.. From the fluffy little curls on...


The 7 Worst Ways a Girl Can Dump a Guy (And Vice Versa)

We all get dumped at one time or another. But there's a right way and a wrong way and as much as I love the ladies, I have to say, you girls somehow manage to find the WORST ways to ditch a guy. At the same time, guys...


Why Being a Part of MGTOW has Changed My Life for the Better

1) It has made me happier. When I was pursuing women and getting nowhere fast, I was bitter, I was dejected, I felt flat and I was often miserable as I searched hard for a relationship with a good woman. Since being apart...


5 Common Sense Reasons to Ask Your Crush Out

1- They might say yes. You never know. 2- Nothing ventured, nothing gained Ever heard the phrase "you don't ask, you don't get" you've gotta actually ask for there to even be a chance. 3- They might secretly like you...