How long can a girl go without sex?

My girl and I are going through some problems. And we have not had sex in 2.5 years. See says she has no plans to look elsewhere. But I have my doubts. I am going out of my mind . help me understand. Thanks


Most Helpful Girl

  • I couldn't.

    Sex is a massive part of a relationship to me (though everyone is different) and I'm insatiable, if I like a man enough to be in a relationship with him,im going to be wanting it,alot lol.

    You may as well just be best friends without a sexual relationship,its all about expessing how you feel...not everyone has that view though its an idividual thing imo.

    Saying that,just because you are not having sex with her it doesn't mean she will go else where-i wouldnt,i would be miserable though,and no doubt turn into a right cow because of frustration...i just couldn't be in a relationship like that,certainly not for that length of time id of gone mad.