How long can a girl go without sex?

My girl and I are going through some problems. And we have not had sex in 2.5 years. See says she has no plans to look elsewhere. But I have my doubts. I am going out of my mind . help me understand. Thanks


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  • I couldn't.

    Sex is a massive part of a relationship to me (though everyone is different) and I'm insatiable, if I like a man enough to be in a relationship with him,im going to be wanting it,alot lol.

    You may as well just be best friends without a sexual relationship,its all about expessing how you feel...not everyone has that view though its an idividual thing imo.

    Saying that,just because you are not having sex with her it doesn't mean she will go else where-i wouldnt,i would be miserable though,and no doubt turn into a right cow because of frustration...i just couldn't be in a relationship like that,certainly not for that length of time id of gone mad.


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  • Were you having sex before that? If you were, this is a big problem. If you weren't, is she just waiting for marriage? Anyway, to address your question... If in a relationship, I can't go very long without sex. Sex is one of the main parts of being in a relationship. If you stop having sex, then that just makes you friends or something. The point is to be intimate with each other and what's more intimate than having sex? If not in a relationship, sure I can go without having sex for a long time, but that doesn't mean I necessarily want to. The need for it is different though. When in a relationship, sex is about being with your partner and also for pleasure. I can't understand how you can be in a relationship without sex, unless you're waiting for marriage.

  • She's probably keeping herself busy and try to push it in the back of her mind.

  • Well...she may be waiting for marriage. If she is waiting respect her choice and don't worry about it. She isn't looking elsewhere. If you were having sex before, well you need to talk to her! Found out why the sex suddenly stopped.

  • well, maybe she wants to wait till marriage.

    girls usually can go very long without having sex.

    a man can have sex up till they are 100 years of age lol.

  • probally a week , then I would go to my bf, and say "LETS HAVE SEX!"

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  • yeah, I would say 1 of two things here. Either a. she is enjoying having a sugar daddy, but doesn't want to get intimate with you. or b. she is getting her fix somewhere else.

    Either way, I can't see this being a good situation for you. When you look at the root of male-female interactions, its sex... so there is no excuse for this long... even if she isn't wanting sex ever, she could use to be intimate with you in other ways. Realize you have needs too

  • If I was in your shoes I would have only gone maybe 2 months without sex before I broke off the "relationship." I don't know how you can call her your girl when she doesn't even want to be intimate with you.

  • The problem for guys is that it can be quite unhealthy not to have some form of ejaculation every now and then. The main purpose for this is down to how life continues, men produce the necessary sperm to fertalise an egg. There have been quite a few reports of priests who have been told to masturbate to release semen because it can cause some discomfort in the prostate gland and the buildup if left has been proven to increase the chance of getting prostate cancer. Releasing that reduces the chance. Now I'm not saying you wil die if you guys don't have sex or that you will get cancer if you don't just making a point. Also, I am not saying guys should just sleep around or keep pestering their girlfriend for sex. Respect each others needs and girls if you catch your guy cranking one off, don't have a go at him, it is very healthy for him.

  • What are you people, soulless automatons? That is a loooong time

  • I'm assuming that you guys did have sex before right? if that you should talk to her why would you wait all this time! if you didn't have sex with her at all and she's waiting till marriage that's another story

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