What does it mean when he says "it's good to see you again" after 1.5 years?

almost 2 years ago, I made a friend with this guy in my class, and we got along so well -- we would always hang out outside of class, study together, eat, get coffee, and he would come by my house on Sunday nights to bring me food from San Francisco (I live in Cupertino; an hour away). As the semester drew to an end, we had a misunderstanding over the phone (he thought I was asking him to have dinner with my family, and he did not want to.) I never asked him for dinner with my family, nor was I planning to, so I got really confused as to why he would think that! I was so shocked that I asked him, "Why would you think I asked you to have dinner with my family? Did you think I liked you? And he asked me, "Did you?" Although I did like him at the time, I was not going to admit it so easily, so I said, "no." so we stopped talking for a year and a half. He recently emailed me and called, and picked me up for coffee. While we were out walking around, h told me, "it's really good to see you again" What does he mean? Does he only view me as a friend?


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  • Since you guys were becoming really good friends he probably meant it as in, he misses your friendship and he probably feels stupid about how you guys stopped talking so long. But also, he could mean it as, it was nice catching up with you and well, it was nice seeing you.

    It depends on how your guys relationship was, you stated that you liked him and if he liked you at the time he probably meant it as, he misses talking to you and just being with you. But, it sounds like you two were pretty much best friends, so he could of meant it the other way.

    I guess you have to decide whether you two were 'just friends' or more and that will help you more.

    I hope this helps :)


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  • Probably he's just being polite. What else would he say?


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  • He means "it's good to see you" ..that was easy.