We like each other but she has a boyfriend? Confused

For starters, we are both juniors in college and met this past year at through work. We quickly became friends and I saw all the signs are there for when someone is attracted to someone. I asked a mutual friend about her and she told that the girl I like finds me cute and has a crush on me as well. The problem, she has a boyfriend.

I have been in this situation before but I went about it wrong and was the "other" guy. I like this girl and I've been told by my friends to stay friends and don't force the break up. The thing that I am confused about is that whenever she rarely brings up her boyfriend she says things like, "i guess he's nice", or "it's a little awkward still". Been together for a few months and its still awkward? Lame. She still wants to hang out with me and wants to get to know me and I guess that's all I can do.

Shes going to another country for a study abroad program for a semester. She has already been away from her boyfriend all summer due to long distance and now she is going to Italy. I am myself hoping they break up soon. I just don't know how I should go about this.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I wouldn't give her so much access.

    If she's that interested, she needs to earn your time.

    If she wants to keep this 'awkward' boyfriend, she's doing it because he's not that awkward, so much as she's the type that always thinks the grass is greener.

    Be friendly at work, and talk give her a bunch of personal information, and don't make it a habit to hang out.