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We like each other but she has a boyfriend? Confused

For starters, we are both juniors in college and met this past year at through work. We quickly became friends and I saw all the signs are there for... Show More

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  • I wouldn't give her so much access.

    If she's that interested, she needs to earn your time.

    If she wants to keep this 'awkward' boyfriend, she's doing it because he's not that awkward, so much as she's the type that always thinks the grass is greener.

    Be friendly at work, and talk give her a bunch of personal information, and don't make it a habit to hang out.

What Girls Said 2

  • How long have you know her?

  • You need to think about if you where the other guy... Do you really want someone that shows other boys attention.. because if she dose it to him she will do it to you... I know y'all are friends and you have started to like her as more..You need to tell her..

What Guys Said 2

  • I agree with Tabby in this case, if she is in a relationship and she is looking for someone else then that could be a sign that she is not lyoal, or that she is one that takes the "grass is greener approach". Also, what would you think if you were the other guy?

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