Girlfriend is distancing herself?

The girlfriend and I have been together 1.5 years. We've talked seriously about marriage, kids and life. The last few days have been rough, she's... Show More

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  • Since you still live with her, and you see her every day you should just sit her down and talk to her. Just ask her what can you do to improve the situation? Tell her you will find a job, and you will help to pay the finances and for her to just be patient with you. If she loves you she will love you regardless of the money you make. My husband is the only one making money in our relationship and he loves me so much he says that even though I don't make any money he doesn't mind. As long as I am with him. So good luck with you and her.

    • We've had a few sit down talks already. At first it was, just make the effort. Then it was, I had to do it. Now she can't take it. Although we love each other. She told me she can't stay with me unless it gets fixed...and soon. She said she needs to be "taken care of".

    • Well get a job, any job until you can find a better job. Help her out and show her you have it in you. Good luck