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What does she mean she wants space?

what does it exactly mean when a girl says she wants space. I feel like she doesn't have the balls to break up with me thinking how its gonna hurt... Show More

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  • No she doesn't want to break up with you other wise she would do it. she just needs space meaning you are probably to clingy. If she's saying she needs to focus on other stuff my suggestion would be give her that space. Hangout with some of your other friends, don't always hangout w her. Let her text you/call you first. It may be really hard especially if you really like her but she is just feeling suffocated. That's what girls mean when they say they need space. it never means break up. Breaking up terms would be "i like us better as friends" or "lets take a break" could possibly mean she wants to break up. But it sounds like she just needs to focus on other things.

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  • It means exactly that. Give them space and time to be alone and make the decisions they need to. If she said she doesn't want to break up then you shouldn't have anything to worry about if she's being honest.


  • Usually its over

  • i think... maybe she can't just walk away. maybe she's tired of you. or maybe she's already cheating.

  • She wants enough space to try some new P.

  • Wear a condom if you guys are still sexualy active while she's on her break cause someone filling that space between her legs... Its over dude just fade away give her all the space she wants don't look back its what she wanted

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