My boyfriend is an athlete, what do I say to him after his team loses a game?

It's not the type of situation where you could say "Be a man, get over it" because it's basically his livelihood. So I just need advice/pointers from people who have been in this situation on what would be encouraging for him to hear? Serious answers please :)

Thank you thank you!

Thankkk you everyone who answered :) Even the people who posted ridiculous answers. Haha.


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  • My girlfriend is an opera singer. It's her life. It's what she lives for. Sometimes after a performance, she will be devastated because she missed a part or pronounced something wrong. She's a perfectionist. What you have to do is just show your support. Show him that despite the loss, he still has people in his life that love him no matter what. Give him a big hug and try to calm him. His mind is going to be racing with, "I should have done this, we could have done that", type stuff. Show him the care and affection that he needs from his girlfriend. He is going to be grumpy and frustrated, but just let it go. Don't lash out at him. That will only cause more problems. Tell him not to worry about it, there will always be another opportunity for him/ his team to prove himself/themselves. Do what you can to get his focus away from the game. I hope that this helps!

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