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My boyfriend is an athlete, what do I say to him after his team loses a game?

It's not the type of situation where you could say "Be a man, get over it" because it's basically his livelihood. So I just need advice/pointers from... Show More

Thankkk you everyone who answered :) Even the people who posted ridiculous answers. Haha.

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  • My girlfriend is an opera singer. It's her life. It's what she lives for. Sometimes after a performance, she will be devastated because she missed a part or pronounced something wrong. She's a perfectionist. What you have to do is just show your support. Show him that despite the loss, he still has people in his life that love him no matter what. Give him a big hug and try to calm him. His mind is going to be racing with, "I should have done this, we could have done that", type stuff. Show him the care and affection that he needs from his girlfriend. He is going to be grumpy and frustrated, but just let it go. Don't lash out at him. That will only cause more problems. Tell him not to worry about it, there will always be another opportunity for him/ his team to prove himself/themselves. Do what you can to get his focus away from the game. I hope that this helps!

    • OR... A cracking blowjob! Bollocks to support... BLOWJOBS save the day!

    • that would be a pretty bad time to give a blowjob.

What Guys Said 35

  • IF he's a professional he understands no one wins them all. I doubt he'll need a lot of hand holding!

  • "You goddamn useless son of a whore, where in the F*CK is my medal? Where is it!?! I want my medal you BAAASTAAARD! Get it! Steal it!"

  • What kind of athlete? What league?

    • He plays baseball.

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    • He's actually a closer so when the team loses he generally feels as if he "cost" them the game. I just don't want to be saying "you did your best" when they lose the game because I'd think that eventually he'd be like "sh*t I guess my best isn't that great". Hah. You know what I mean?

    • Yeah, I hear you! Closer is a tough position, I can see why he takes losses so seriously then. I don't think you need to say things like "you did your best." In fact, that can sometimes be annoying when the sting of the loss is so fresh. And t sounds like something your mom would say. Hah! You can commiserate and say things like, "that sucks," because that's what he's feeling too. Then, just be there and have fun with the guy. He'll cheer up soon enough!

  • "you may have lost the game, but you have won my heart" (?)

    • Hahaha. That might make him laugh.

    • LMAO so cheesy but funny :P

    • EXACTLY. brighten his mood

  • The best thing is to not say anything. I remember how I felt when I played football and we'd lose a game, and honestly there's nothing to say that wouldn't be overtly offensive (like "be a man; get over it") or patronizing, so just don't say anything and if he wants space, give him some.

  • Win a game... you get a blowjob ;)

    Lose a game... you get an even better blowjob ;)

    Either way he's happy

  • you can say "is there anything I can do to make you "feel" better babe..." then wink and look down


  • Tell him its just a game and even the best players of all sports have sh*tty days without a doubt...all of em pitchers, qbs...its human nature to have bad days. then gave him a soft kiss and tell him ull love him even if he's worest player ont he the teamm...then get busy him with...hahahahah

  • -(No homo)...Tell him he looked sexy out there, that he turned you on with his swagger and gait and sportsmanship

    -Tell him that he deserves a back rub, foot rub, and a whatever else rub you can think of

    -Tell him that he's a champion in the bed room, that he can have his victory over you and at the end of the night, tell him that he...scored...real well

    -Tell him the referee is a douche bag

    -That sometimes even the greatest of winners lose competitions sometimes. Some famous celebrities have lost Star Search, but look at them now.

    -If all that fails kick him in the nads and tell him to stop whining.

  • You Blame the Referee's! lmao!

    "What was that ref freakin' Blind?". . . "Did they find that ref on the streets right before the game?"

    lol, that's just a joke but it's what I used to do, ha.

  • hmm go up to him and kiss him and say "you're always a winner in my heart" That'l make him feel better lol

  • First get on his side by saying along the lines of "fck those fckers" then ask "how do you think it went".

    From there on he'll rant about how either he played rubbish, or that they were better. Agree etc.

  • Don't patronize him, but let him know that your feelings for him are the same regardless of whether he wins or loses. Remind him that there are more important things in life.

  • I'm an athlete myself and I'll admit if I lose a game sometimes I'll just not be in the mood to say anything.

    I have acted like an idiot a couple of times and just went off on my girlfriend because she called me up and wanted to talk but that's not because of her that's just because I'm mad in general for loosing.

    Just make it be known that you are here for us or how much better you can make us feel if you were around.

    To be blunt, a BJ usually solves all problems.

  • ok, try... 'aww...well, you did your best!'

  • Actions speek louder than words.

    Next time his team loses you should sleep with 2 or 3 members of the other team. Show him he is the lesser man for losing. Also you should encourage the other team members girlfriends to do the samething. Soon you're boyfriend will learn that lossing has real life consequences and will be a wild animal when he next takes to the field.

    He will thank you later in life when he is the CO of a large company.

  • You could say "Everyone loses, it's part of life, and I still love you" Just a thought.

  • Tell him he was awesome and that the other team sucked. Talk about something they were doing wrong to make him feel number one again.

  • try 1 of those big, jealous-making, wet kisses and a "well, at least you won me". works for me, I'm sure he'll get over it right away. you might get in trouble tho. remember the "jealous-making" part? well yeah if you do it in front of he's teammates you can just picture the outcome of it. oh well c'est la vie.

  • Tell him...

    When I see you going up and down the court, sweat glistening off your muscular body, I started to get wet. It made me thing of that one day when you... (add a steamy memory of him and you together when he was sweating). I am glad I have a bit of self control otherwise I would have ran over to you during a time out, ripped your shirt, bit your ear lobe and told you to take me now in the locker room. But the more I thought about it on the ride home, it made my clit throb for you.

    I'm sure his mind will be off his sport and onto more personal things. Hope that works.

    • Hahaha oh Lord. You guys...

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    • And he doesn't play on a court. Geeeeeze. Haha.

    • Substitute court for field or whatever he does. Maybe more detail was necessary but the theory was sound. You really shouldn't have any problems with getting guys distracted. :p

  • Why say anything besides "Better luck next time!" and let him deal with the rest himself. You can't possibly believe you're going to be the emotional rock he needs with that kind of reassurance. Hugs and kisses and non-verbal communication will mean so much more.

  • Just make him feel better and don't give him a hard time, he already feel likes sh*t. Give him encouragement to train even harder, tell him you believe in him and that you think he has the potential to be one of the best. Also if you watched the match and know a lot about the sport tell him what you felt were his strengths and compliment him on it.

  • What do you do when we win? Party!

    What do you do when we lose? Party harder!

    Give him a hard time then give him kiss. =)

  • I'd say comfort him, like hugging him or putting your head on his shoulder...stuff like that. But just like guys have said, we really don't have anything to say and don't want to say anything. So I guess let time pass and let his "battle wounds" heal.

  • Nothing to say, baby...just give him a ghoul job

    B======D ^O^

  • Do better next time

  • "I don't need 2 pussies" or "i'll be in bed naked while you sit here and have a cry about men passing a ball around"

  • When I lose, I'm in no mood to talk. Nothing can be said that wouldn't irritate me at that point. Losing blows. Probably best to say nothing unless he talks to you first.

  • just be like... "its alright, I still love you" lol

    • ya, that would be good

  • youre pretty

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What Girls Said 16

  • Commiserate and let him cool off for a bit. If you feel you need to say something, you could go with "Don't be too hard on yourself, you guys played well" or something like that. It's tough to come up with something that won't make him feel worse, so not saying much is probably better. Anyway, after I think a hug and/or kiss, plus maybe a nice dinner for the both of you, would help him relax. Good luck :)

  • Try harder.

  • Just act really sad and be like "I'm sorry". Then leave him alone. Men need to brood. After he gets over it a bit he will come to you and say something or give you a hug or whatever and at that point just be super nice and offer him some food/sex/massage/etc.

    The main thing is, you don't have to say much. Just be sure to be empathetic and don't try to cheer him up. Make sure to act really down, it will help him get over it faster because then he'll want to cheer you up haha.

  • There will be other games. Don`t worry about it, you played really well. It just wasn`t in your fate to win.

  • I'm a coach, an ex-swim captain, and a swimmer of 13 years. What I always tell myself and anyone else when they lose is that you can't win every game meet, or race, there might always be someone better than you. The only thing you can personally do is leave your all in the pool (or on the field), if you didn't do that than you have a right to be upset, and use that emotion (fear, anger, rage, sadness, etc) to motivate yourself for the future (if this is the case, leave them be to think on that). If you left your all in the pool or on the field, then you can do nothing but raise your chin up and be proud of yourself and your performance and know that true success comes only to an individual by self-satisfaction in knowing that you gave everything to become the very best that you are capable of.

  • You should be totally honest with him. If you tell him he did an amazing job, he knows your lying. you should tell him, that wasn't his best, but he tried. You should always support him, even when he's down. :)

  • Ok so wen my boyfriend loses a game I remind him that even the best athletes have lost games but he will always be my number one

  • Tell him he'll always score with you and even the best have stupid days.


  • Don't say anything about the loss. You could just tell him that his ass looks great in that uniform :D

  • keep believing and never give up ! what you do is who you are. When you lose it doesn't mean you're a nobody it means you're my hero to my heart. Being the greatest is all about practice, without practice there is no greatest and the greatest is a hero and that hero is somebody who lies inside of you; which is you need to find who you are and work hard to be that one champion person.

    I hope that helps.

  • best thing to say is nothing. let him talk when he is ready. maybe just a little love will take his mind off the game :D (and by love I don't mean sex)

  • you're hot,make him feel wanted-it will feed his ego

  • you don't need to say anything, just be there

  • Well, if you keep insisting on "it's OK , you'll win next time" or "You did great, it's just a bad luck" you'll harm his ego because he'll think you find him pathetic and just trying to lift up his mood. Guys are leaders and like challenges so respect that so you win him. Just be there, give him a kiss & give him a warm hug ..a kind smile. Just be supportive by your presence ;)

  • girl.. you just gotta look him straight in the eyes and tell him winning isn't everything, he had fun playing, and just tell him he did an amazing job at the game.. then hug him and tell him you are there for him and thhat they will win next time... finally kiss him and smile to him

  • I always say that I'm proud of him & I love him & he looked hot even though they lost 😂

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