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Is it normal to cry because you love someone so much?

My boyfriend means the world to me. But sometimes he treats me disrespectfully. But I love him more than anything in the world so I put up with it.... Show More

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  • It's totally fine to cry over loving someone, unless it's because he hurt you (which happens often, but it's not like it's normal or healthy in a good relationship). My boyfriend tells me how he feels all the time, but his actions don't always show it as much. When I feel that way, I say to him "I know you feel ____, but show me. Don't tell me." and the next time he tries, I interrupt him doing the same thing. Asking him to show me and not tell me. It works for him, you might want to give it a shot :)

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  • Yes, but only in instances like this, where one person loves the other more (literally).

  • I think that may be normal. I may sound like a loser but one night with my girlfriend I started crying and saying "I love youuu"And you can't get over emotions. It'll run it's course.

    • Wow, my boyfriend did the same thing a few days ago. It's not being a loser - it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

  • 1. break up2. suck it up3. deal with it4. you deserve better...no one should have to put up with being disrespected by their partner

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  • Yes its normal but I don't think you should suffer for someone that doesn't love you.You should think about yourelf more than him as he doesn't really appreciate you like how you do.Its not wrong to cry but there is a limit for us to move on and start a new life after dissapoinment.

  • I think it's normal to cry because you love someone - both my boyfriend and I have cried because of our love. Sometimes emotions are just overwhelming like that, though it's more likely to occur in women than in men since we're so susceptible to emotion. However, it sounds like some of your crying isn't just due to loving him but because of the disrespect and lack of affection he gives you. That isn't the same thing - if that's the reason you're crying, then you need to rethink your relationship with this man and figure out if you can live with that disrespect and lack of affection for the rest of your life. If you can't (I know I couldn't), then you'll need to seriously consider breaking it off now in order to save yourself a lot of pain.

  • no that's not normal. someone you love shouldn't be the one making you cry. he's not making you happy. do you relaly want that?

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