He broke up with me, but says he still loves me...I'm totally confused!!!

Ok, so basically my boyfriend broke up with me a week ago. His reasoning was because he just wants some time to be alone and focus on getting a job... Show More

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  • Hey I know this was a while ago but I was just wondering how it all went, because I just came across your question and I am going though the exact same thing now, I lived with my boyfriend then his nan died and he just said I'm moving out I'm not happy, (yeah we argued a little but we were really happy at the time, he even commented on it) since then I adopted the no contact rule, he's been texting saying he loves and misses me and its killing him, and I just told him thanks but to get his head straight and stop texting me that stuff.

    I love him so much and really do want thim back, but its like he's gone on a complete rebellion against me he seems bitter that I'm coping so well without him (with the flat and stuff).

    I just don't know where I'm at, because I also know he had messaged other girls asking them to go for a drink, but then more recently was texting me.

    It all just seems insane, because if I felt like that about someone I wouldn't be doing what he's doing...

    Anyway I just wondered how your problem went because you have a bit of heinsight now...

    Thanks xxx

    • Hi, um... 18 days after my boyfriend broke up with me he called me crying saying it was the biggest mistake of his life and he was so so sorry and he'll do anything to make things how they were again. He was saying that he was willing to spend the rest of his life making it up to me cause he doesn't know how he acted so stupid.

      I was definitely hesitant. But after talking to his friends a little bit, he was just spending the couple weeks having guy time. Nothing with other girls nothing crazy.