Do guys like weird or popular girls?

guys only!


Most Helpful Guy

  • The terms weird and popular are subjective. I think girls should be natural, without trying to fill a role. I think that people in general should work on their ability to communicate and be sociable. I also think that people should develop interests and hobbies outside the mainstream norm. It isn't about trying to be different or 'weird,' or trying to meet the mark and be 'popular.' It is about developing yourself as a person, and finding what really makes YOU tick.

    Women who understand themselves naturally build confidence, and men find that attractive (for long-term prospects). If you lack confidence in yourself, it is pretty easy for men to manipulate you and throw you into a state of co-dependence (as in, letting them define who you are). So they will come after you if they just want to screw you. If you are confident, men will see that as a sign of strength and stability, and will be more inclined to pursue you for a serious relationship.

    I know that I just overshot the question by about 100 miles, but hopefully it helps.