Do guys like weird or popular girls?

guys only!


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  • The terms weird and popular are subjective. I think girls should be natural, without trying to fill a role. I think that people in general should work on their ability to communicate and be sociable. I also think that people should develop interests and hobbies outside the mainstream norm. It isn't about trying to be different or 'weird,' or trying to meet the mark and be 'popular.' It is about developing yourself as a person, and finding what really makes YOU tick.

    Women who understand themselves naturally build confidence, and men find that attractive (for long-term prospects). If you lack confidence in yourself, it is pretty easy for men to manipulate you and throw you into a state of co-dependence (as in, letting them define who you are). So they will come after you if they just want to screw you. If you are confident, men will see that as a sign of strength and stability, and will be more inclined to pursue you for a serious relationship.

    I know that I just overshot the question by about 100 miles, but hopefully it helps.



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  • If most guys liked "weird" girls, then it stands to reason that "weird" girls would also be popular girls. Being that this is not the case, girls who are in fact popular can't be categorically identified as weird, though this is not exclusively true. I hope this clears things up.

  • Hmm, personally I have no preference a popular girl has the benefit of being more straigh forward and open. But when it comes to weird I'de have to go for the mildly quiet cute type. I hate ditsy tho.. if a chick doesn't know how to find her glasses when they're on her face then sh*t just ain't gonna work:P Also slutty doesn't work for me either, somehow knowing that she's been with a sh*tload of guys I know nothing about raises some questions:S

  • I take weird as quirky? I think quirky people have a great personality, nerds, geeks, dorks, band geeks, what have you are all great :) It's the personality that I value in a girl not her status. Because frankly, a lot of the popular girls are bitches and think they are better than anyone and use men for their social gain. You will see they only date the popular boys, and go through boys like hot wings at a bar. I like the weird girls, the ones that are fun but can be serious. I require a brain though, I need to be able to talk with you and not have to explain myself over and over again. Not saying I'm superior, just need to be able to talk to you on the same level you know?

  • Eccentric is cool. I like girls who A) pose a challenge B) how a unique outlook on life C) can keep me interested. D) defy strereotypes, (by this I mean girls who do not fit the generic

    stereotype they dress like, for example a girl who dresses artistically, but is also in sports is attractive because shows range of personality)

  • Idk I could like either... It just depends if I'm attracted to her and she gets my heart goin' lol Then I'd probably find her "weirdness" to be cute. ;)

    I tend to be more attracted to girls that are more popular, but that I still feel are attainable. I don't want a selfish, stuck-up girl that lets her popularity get to her head or that thinks popularity, or how fun someone is, determines the overall qualiity of a person...

    I wasn't tremendously popular, but I had lots of popular friends, and not-so-popular friends. I was well-liked by people in high school tho. But I never tried to fit in, or be cool, or be someone that I wasn't. If I find a girl attractive tho, weirdness or popularity doesn't matter to me. She can't be like super weird lol... but quirky in someways, I suppose, would be fine. :)

  • The popular girl has way to many friends and will give into peer pressure really easily and that could potentially end the relationship, weird girls are cute, but maybe shy is a better word to describe the kinda girl that I would like

    • Popular girls don't give in to peer pressure they are the reson for peer-pressure k so don't get it twisted eat a twizzler

  • Neither.

  • just a little weird, and no so popular.

  • Weird is probably the wrong word but I like girls that are a little bit different, because that is intriguing. However, if she is popular or not doesn't matter much, what is important is how much I like her.

  • There's always something cute about weird girls but, not too weird. By that I mean a little shy. It's bad if she continues being shy after she gets to know you though because then it means that she's awkward instead of shy. I personally don't like popular girls too much. I guess I'm quick to stereotype them as superficial.


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