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Guys do you mind if your girlfriend's Facebook status says 'single'?

What if it's a girl you're seriously dating?

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  • For me, a status update on my Facebook page doesn't show how much I care about that person. Yes, you might feel like "shout[ing] it from the mountain tops" that you're now in a relationship; however, which makes you happier: updating your Facebook status so that everyone knows that you've been taken or just knowing that you're in a relationship with someone who makes you feel warm and happy?

    Honestly, in my opinion, if you get butt hurt over the other person not changing their status then you either really need to re-evaluate your priorities or you can directly ask the person what their feelings on the matter is. Chances are, the other person will disagree with you on several things. Why get upset when you can just ask, talk about it, and come to an understanding instead? Besides, that's how good relationships work, don't they?

    • best opinion I've seen so far since I joined this site ^^

What Guys Said 35

  • Not really but I'd sure ask her why is it that way without making her feel uncomfortable as much as possible.

    If she's looking out she's free to do so, which means she's not convinced with me or my feelings for her. However, I won't rush out looking for another one myself if I am sure she's the one for me nor will I do anything extra to woo her and keep her in place. I'd want her to know and accept me as I am for her when she met me and is with me now.

  • If she straight out said she was single in a post, then yes.

    But if it jus says "Relationship Status: Single" I wouldn't really care. The only problem is I would have to put mine as single too because no one would be me if I just left it as "in a relationship" without the name of the girl I'm in it with.

  • Facebook itself is a medium for displaying information to EVERYONE.

    Implying that you don't want to show whether you're dating or not to people whom it does not concern the least, obviously setting that piece of information does not actually matter.

    So I personally voted no. I know I'm dating, and that should be enough.

    My status is completely blank, my SO's is "single", but it's just because we don't really care about Facebook and don't visit it much anyways. Displaying every aspect of my life there is like writing a diary then showing it off to everyone - even though it is a private matter.

  • Damn f*cking right I would.

    I wouldn't want to date some girl that wants to appear single to other ppl.

    I'd be furious (presuming she actually logged into FB since we've become official)!

    I'd gently ask her, and if she does ANYTHING but conform to my wishes, we're done on the spot.

    Cauz frankly I can't trust her telling (literally) everyone that she knows (and doesn't know) in cyberspace that she's single.

    F*CK THAT!

  • If we're just starting to see where things go, then it's fine. But when we're getting serious, it would make me feel a little uncomfortable about it.

  • Ok ill ask you your own question in my own words.


  • I'd rather us just not have our statuses set to anything.

  • I wouldn't mind if she wanted to leave it blank (that's what I would do), but saying you're single when you're in a relationship would bother me.

  • If I've asked the girl to be my girlfriend and over the course of at least a week she hasn't changed the status to in a relationship. I'm not going to be very happy. Obviously she's hiding the relationship. As they say, if you are truly happy in your relationship and like the person you are with, you should want to shout it from the mountain tops, not hide it.

    Now if it was because of some outside circumstance like a crazy ex Boyfriend or a crazy family. Then I'll be more accepting of it, but even then, that brings up other issues that would need to be addressed.

  • Yes it would. If she doesn't want to post she's dating, I want her to just leave it blank.

  • I don't worry about my status much and I do not expect the girl to, either. Some of the people in my network are actors and other artists, using Facebook to build their fan bases. They would keep the status as Single regardless for professional reasons.

    At the other end of the scale we have people who would jitter between "in a relationship", "it's complicated" and "single" depending who won the fight that day, them or their significant other. These same type people would often post public status updates like "hungry" or "hate this traffic", or "some people are just pigs - you know who you are" and so on.

    if I got engaged or married I would likely update my status to that effect, and I would expect my girl to do likewise. Anything short of that is single. Getting more granular than that feels silly - it's like next they make it possible to communicate in FB status if you got to a 2nd base or if you fed the girl 3 dinners but no sex yet?

  • Do people really pay attention to the relationship status on Facebook?

    • Yes, yes they do.

    • Yes.

    • I really don't look at it too much maybe it's because I'm not in any relationship.

  • Why is stated as single if you have a boyfriend already? Doesnt take a genius to think somethings up.

  • Wouldn't bother me personally.

  • Well, why do you want to keep it single in the first place? it just sounds shady to me.

    It's like when a girl doesn't want to drink it. It's like she is not completely sure about you and doesn't want to let herself go.

    I don't know, Facebook is a stupid thing anyway, but the fact that you want to keep it like that says a lot of stuff about the relationship.

    In the worse case scenario you want to cheat, in the best case, you are embarrased of him and don't want people to know you are dating him. Either way I feel bad for the dude.

  • I'm okay with not broadcasting a relationship, but you can have your profile say nothing on the matter, which would be better than lying about the relationship.

  • Yes, because it shows that she doesn't truly care.

  • Depends on if he uses it often or not. if she doesn't use it often then I wouldn't care. But if she puts time into it every other day, I want my presence known.

  • Yes I would mind it and I would tell her to please change her status unless she doesn't have any FB account at all. Why use or make an FB account at all if your not responsible enough to dabble with it ><

  • your assf***ed m8 she's playing you badly

    • You realize this question was asked by a girl?

  • i would mind her saying she was single. But if I discovered this, I would ask her if that is how she feels, whether she wants to be polyamorous, or what. It's something we would really need to talk over together.

  • I don't know part of me is like who cares the other partof me is like why wouldn't she want to say she is happy in a relationship with me?

  • I would think that she's trying to hide it. Which begs the question, why is she hiding it?

  • Yes if it's secret

  • Psssh YEAH it matters to me

  • If I trust her it doesn't matter

    If I don't then I do care

    Plus, some girls have a situation where they can't let their family know and I am understanding of that situation because I am in the same predicament

  • Honestly, It would bother.

  • I wouldn't really pay attention to a girls FaceBook page, but if FaceBook is an important part of your life, and you like to post all your business on the internet I don't see why you wouldn't update that to say relationship unless you really need a lot of attention and like to toy with guys feelings over the internet.

  • Uh.. Duh. Yeah. Considering how many people use Facebook, primarily to get some, you bet your ass I'd mind. Even more, I'd wanna know why. I mean is she ashamed of me? Doesn't she want to tell someone? Am I a dirty little secret? Is she screwing around? Is she in want of something better?

    So yeah, it would bother me.

  • I don't give two sh*ts what someone says on Facebook. It's only a website.

    • Just about the only mature answer here. We've gotten to a sad point if FB and online networking has become this serious and relevant to a relationship

    • Thank you. Another secure person on here

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What Girls Said 15

  • She will be after he sees that! O dayum!

  • I know that it'd drive my boyfriend nuts. I'm not so sure why, but I know it'd upset me too if his were single while we were dating. Not sure why, but that's just how it is. Probably because so many people use Facebook as a way to look up their crushes and see if they're taken. If the status is "single" then they could flirt with that person. I'm very confident with the devotion in my relationship, but it'd get annoying for both of us if people kept flirting when we weren't interested.

  • I'm not a guy and I would very much mind.

  • I'd expect most guys to not care...yeah it's shady, but it's Facebook. That is sad...

  • =) I think it's cute when the guys says it would bother them. lol.

    • It would bother me.

      Now do you think I'm cute? :)

    • I agree

    • XD lol =P it's cute if it would bother you hehe

  • I think this goes for guys and girls- if a relationship status is blank, that's OK. If you just recently started dating, or being in a en exclusive relationship and you keep it on 'single' for a few weeks in, no biggie. If you've been with them a while, they do update their fb regularly, and it says 'single'...Yeah that's not OK. If they want to keep their relationships private, they can remove the status entirely. By staying 'single' it makes them look available to other men/women, which shouldn't be encouraged when in a relationship.

  • but to some people single = not married.

  • If he is a daily Facebook user and his profile says Single, then WTF.

    If it doesn't say anything at all, fine. If he rarely uses Facebook, maybe that's okay.

    It doesn't have to say Dating, but if it says single, he'd better have a damn good reason.

    In the end tho, its a webpage.

    One you can chat to girls on... ;)

  • I don't think it should matter. If she feels comfortable telling people that she is in a relationship then so be it if not then so what. Some people don't want other people to know all their business. It has nothing to do with being embarrassed its just that sometimes when people find out that you are in a relationship they talk about you & ask you too many questions like how did yall meet? what did yall do on your dates? are yall having sex? how do your parents feel about yall together? etc. it's just too much to handle when people are all in your business.

  • I don't have a relationship statusb on my Facebook because it creates drama for your girlfriend or byfriend.. I think its best to keep it off. That's how relationships last longer

  • Oh my gosh! FB is not the be-all-and-end-all, get over it!

  • Well I'm not a guy but if a guy I was seriously dating displayed his status as single and I knew that he logged onto his Facebook regularly, then yes I'd have a problem with it.

  • Well I don't know about guys, but personally I would be VERY upset if I was dating/seriously dating a guy and his status still said 'single'. If I'm with you/your with me, then your not single and neither am I.

  • it's just Facebook. I personally don't have my relationship status up

    • Having it blank is WAY different than having it say you're "available" when you're not.

      If it bothered your partner if your status says "single", would you change it to "in a relationship" if it was an ultimatum-type situation?

  • I think they would kinda mind.

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