Guys do you mind if your girlfriend's Facebook status says 'single'?

What if it's a girl you're seriously dating?

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  • For me, a status update on my Facebook page doesn't show how much I care about that person. Yes, you might feel like "shout[ing] it from the mountain tops" that you're now in a relationship; however, which makes you happier: updating your Facebook status so that everyone knows that you've been taken or just knowing that you're in a relationship with someone who makes you feel warm and happy?

    Honestly, in my opinion, if you get butt hurt over the other person not changing their status then you either really need to re-evaluate your priorities or you can directly ask the person what their feelings on the matter is. Chances are, the other person will disagree with you on several things. Why get upset when you can just ask, talk about it, and come to an understanding instead? Besides, that's how good relationships work, don't they?

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      best opinion I've seen so far since I joined this site ^^