Revenge on my ex! How I put my lying cheating ex in her place.

Revenge on my ex! How I put my lying cheating ex in her place.

I first met my ex about 7 years ago, she was 26, pretty, slim, short with short red hair and a nice big pair of tits. We started up hot and heavy and seemed to be a good prospect for something more serious long term as she seemed to tick all the right boxes such as she came from a good home, had a job, had a car and gave the appearance of being a person who could cook and clean.

Revenge on my ex! How I put my lying cheating ex in her place.

We had some great times together and when she got pregnant accidentally after only two years of dating though it was too soon we managed and grew stronger together. She was a great partner for about two years up until the child started crawling then she started neglecting our son more and more. Stuff like leaving him to sit in his wet nappy all day until it exploded, not cleaning the house (like not even after herself), spending all her money, running up massive debts and basically sitting all day playing on her phone and watching tv while our child got up to all sorts all of which put a massive burden on me because I had to them take on longer hours to support us and then come home to feed, bath, put his excesma cream on(which she never did)and get our son ready for bed while trying to get some dinner and a shower to get to bed because I had an early start in the mornings, of course it never worked out for me because she would let the child sleep all day so she could have peace to sit on her arse meaning the child would not sleep at night and because she would hand him a big bag of chocolate buttons too hed be bouncing all night, I would go to bed before her and she would follow with the child, of course the child wouldn't sleep but she would just shout at the child like a mentaler and roll over and go to sleep leaving me to settle the child at maybe 12 or even though she knew I had to get up a She did work but always choose little part-time jobs that there was no money in, never anything that was too difficult or that required hard work, she just dumped the child on my mother who was eager to help us. Eventually my health started suffering, I put on some weight and was tired all the time.

In February last year what I thought was unthinkable happened, I lifted the tablet in the kitchen and found she had left Facebook messenger open and she was sexting another guy. I felt sick inside and my blood began to boil, I went upstairs to confront her only to find her on the phone to him, I snatched it off her and she tried to play it off as innocent. I left and stayed at my parents. She worked on me for a few days professing that she loved me and she was only sexting and that she would stop. She lied, anyway I caught her at it again right in front of me and refused to stop. Out of badness I called her father about some euros we had lent and never got back (he did give back but she blew it out her arse) and mentioned bluntly that she was sexting other men right in front of me, she continued on acting like there would be no consequences and that she could treat me how she liked. I called by her father's house for the money, collected my three hundred pounds and told her shocked parents the story. I stayed at my parents and blocked her calls, a week later she calls my parents phone in hysterics and I go out to our place to see if the child is ok. She had just been out to her parents and they'd laid down the hammer on her hard. She guilted me into coming back for the child professing that she loved me and that she made a mistake and would never cheat. Well I went back and things were fine for a while but then every so often I'd get suspicious, unregistered calls on her phones, her messages would be deleted. My mother had mentioned her coming back late every evening to pick up the child with doubtful excuses. My father even saw her driving past up the town after work and when she came to pick up the child he asked where she had been and she lied directly to his face.

When she started working in a local bar every Saturday that's when I slowly started to realise she was cheating, she would be coming home long after her shift ended with bogus excuses such as leaving friends home or going to a party etc .

We broke up again and she convinced me that everything would be different and to come to her sister's wedding, I went, got a suit, brought the child, paid for our room and then she just ignored me the whole wedding. Our relationship stuttered along for a few months more and coming up to her brothers wedding she stayed out all night after the bar even though she knew I had arranged to swap shifts with a colleague's shift so I could get the Friday of the wedding off. Of course I couldn't do it because there was no one to mind the child so I then had to work the Friday.

I decided to leave her a few days before the wedding after in a conversation with her about a conversation she had had with her sister and cousin about a cousin who had cheated and abandoned her child she had said "I may have cheated on my 1st ex but I never abandoned a child". That's when it dawned on me that she has likely been cheating on me because I never knew that and she always said she had never cheated on her ex. Anyway I rented a van and lifted my stuff from our home and moved out.

We chatted a bit after that even had sex a few times. One Saturday I was out and was drinking in the bar where she worked and chatted a bit, she said that she would give me a lift home so I went out the back and waited by her car and she never came out. I drove past the car park at 9.00am and her car was still there, so I went to pick the child up from her parents and came back to the carpark and what did I find? The other guy she had been sexting 10 months ago giving her car a jumper start. I pulled up, got out of my car and asked her who the guy was and she said it was just "darragh" trying to play it off as if it was all innocent, I went off him and had ran. I pulled his jump leads off her car and told him to get in his car and fuck off. So I jump started her car.

Anyway the following Friday before Christmas I get a call from her telling me she had claymidia, so I went ballistic demanding she tell me from who and she said it was one time from one guy she went home with one night. I wasn't happy, I told her if she didn't tell me I'd start asking everyone she knew until I got an answer but she still wouldn't reveal the truth so I messaged her sister and sent her a picture of the message and she revealed a name, then I said I didn't believe her and she revealed another( neither of them Darragh) so I kept going threatening to post it on Facebook with these guys names and pictures and a message to her mother sending a screenshots of what I was going to send and that's when she cracked. I came by after work& voting to check on my child and her parents were there cleaning the house and she was sitting in a chair looking like a basket case. I put the child to sleep and spoke to her parents for a bit and told them everything I knew. Seemingly there was 3 guys at her and 7 overall sniffing around her on social media and the dirty skank never made them wear a condom once and was jumping into bed with me probably not even showering.

Her family rallied around her and supported her over Christmas and she worked in the bar a few days during that time though her family had been pressuring her to quit and I minded the child. One Saturday morning while driving past Darragh's house I noticed her car in his drive, enraged I pulled up and battered on his door until she came out, i loudly called her a slut and whore and the claymidia out so the neighbourhood could hear, she tried to say that she had slept on the sofa which was clearly a lie(she later tried to say she never stayed the night at all). That was fine I came passing by again after taking the child on a big day out and she was still there so I laid on the horn until she came out in her work uniform and gave her another mouthful. She later tried to deny she was or had ever been sleeping with him but it's just another lie. I wanted her to know that I saw what she was doing and that whole town did, making a huge scene.

Seems for the last year she has been stringing me along while screwing Darragh behind my back hoping something solid would develop and she could break up with me and move on with him and no one would ever know she had been cheating on me, even after she had been caught out cheating she was trying to protect the relationship with Darragh so it wouldn't appear tainted anyway my opinion is that he's just going to use her for sex and string her a long, which she deserves.

The biggest thing in the break up is really the child. One Friday when I was picking up the child we were reconciling and figuring out how to best look after the child and we even had a nice meal out. She gave the child her phone (I've told her so many times to stop as it makes him angry and frustrated him) to watch kids shows on YouTube, so he he locks the screen accidentally and throws the phone( which he always ends up doing) well she rushes over to him and starts battering him around the head and starts kicking him, I pull him off and she still goes for him, I sit her down and while comforting the child she hits him again. I was shocked, I settle them both down. I spend the weekend trying to talk her into going to the doctor and she promises she will call them on Monday. This plays on my mind and I put him to sleep in her place on Sunday night when I bring him back. I get no sleep on Sunday night with worry. I spend a large portion of Monday morning trying to talk her into calling the doctor, but it's clear she's not and still is minimizing and trivialising what she did as not a big deal. Then I remember a conversation I had with my mother a few months ago and she bluntly said that she thought the child's mother was beating the child, I dismissed it as I thought she'd never do that but was horrified at the reality that she had been doing this likely for a while and that someday she hurt him seriously. I called the social workers, they came out to her, saw the state of the house, she admitted what she did and I took the child that night. She did get the child back during the week but isn't allowed to be alone unsupervised, meaning her sister or mother is now always there with her, she's now back living with her parents. She is now being sweet to me in case I do something else to her, she still feels like the victim which is not helped by her father who blames me for her cheating and shitty behaviour. She and her family tried to give me a load of cliches about why the relationship failed but I shut them down and up with the truth every time.

It's still ongoing and she's still sneaking around with that Darragh guy trying to keep it quiet so her family doesn't find out, she's promised to keep the dirt bag away from out child but I suspect that's a lie as she didn't before and the child recognises his car. she's now free to do what she wants though she seems to be under the impression I'd take her back if she asked and if things dont work out with Darragh. I mean a woman with her reputation and history of cheating you pump and dump you dont get serious with.

I'm just going to look after and protect my son. I still bear a grudge to her and this Darragh and will continue to shit on them both anyway I can while maintaining some dignity. she's already started telling lies about me and what happened between us like I was useless and did nothing around the home so she had to get rid of me but I've already had some female friends put the truth out there and everyone knows, meanwhile when asked about it I just say it didn't work out and we grew apart this maintaining my dignity in public. She broke my heart, hurt my son, hurt my family, shamed me and her son all over town so I will get her and him in the long grass, my thriving and life will hit her harder than I ever could.


For being a shitty mother, for being a shitty partner and for being a shitty person she has been put in her place and I will continue to put her in her place as long as she continues to be shitty.

Revenge on my ex! How I put my lying cheating ex in her place.
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  • Vladyslav
    Man, this is a hard read. And I have a few things to say. Take no offense, but how inconcievably stupid are you to have wasted so many years of your life in perpetual misery, stress, anger and cuckery? How have you lasted this long with your life constantly suffering and being antagonized by this person who has repeatedly exploited and broke you. At this point it's literally a game of madness, and you really should have seen things were wrong in the very beginning. But at the same time I don't blame you and you wouldn't have known better since life between you and her started more simpler and pure.

    That being said, there are a lot of things you could have done better, and a lot of things your "partner" could have done. Both of you failed each other and most importantly yourselves.

    This madness, why the fuck continue this? What reason do you continue to have this person in your life? What are you afraid of losing? Don't you love yourself, and want to feel good again? Like holy shit, at the first sign of trouble I in your position wouldn't have the capacity to deal with your position as I'm highly neurotic and isolationist.

    With this, why do you want to continue this blatantly wasteful war against her? Why do you choose to waste precious effort and energy you only have so much of to hurt yourself, your son, and this woman? Aren't you ashamed of what it's turning you into? I can't imagine for the life of me how bad your situation is now and why you let it continue, but I believe it's because you both share a child.

    Firstly, ask yourself, who are you really? Who really are you? What does the best you look like? What could you be? What do you want to be? Are you the angry idiot who keeps trusting this person who repeatedly makes you a fuck? Or are you a father?

    Your child, your precious, precious, child. The future wars you fight with this woman is profoundly affecting him and his future. This kid will grow up totally messed, lost, without guidance, shit self esteem, another messed up person in a twisted world. This boy needs you, and you as the father have the single most important role in his life, ever. You have to be a strong father, guiding and protecting your child, that's who matters. Teach your son how to be strong and confident, teach him love and happiness, even when you have suffered deeply. Don't transfer your suffering to him, so break that cycle.
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    • Vladyslav

      You are not to take revenge. This war is over starting now. It's wasteful and stressful, and it's ruining you as a person, and your son who is your legacy. This is by far the worst fate you face if you don't stop it.

      You need to give yourself time, and energy for yourself and son. This is all that matters. No revenge, please believe me as I can testify I tried, but revenge is hollow and corrupting. It's morally damaging. You add to world suffering.

      Retreat from this, and then work on rebuilding yourself and a future for your son. Soon you will rot away and all that you have ever been worth will be nothing, but what you pass on may mean something.

      I can't fully grasp with the hell you have been living, so I have no doubt what I say is half useless advice, which is why you of all people need to reflect this. Do you think you can do this?

    • I still need to check her and her bullshit because she will only ever do what's best for her regardless of the child.

    • Vladyslav

      Fine, understood. I'm a bit livid right now, but in your situation I would put as little interaction as possible with this person. Whatever concessions you must make, make them. You have already lost so much. All you can do now is reduce any future losses. Simply keep your head low and do whatever is necessarily and nothing extra. No conversations with her, stalking her, or any wasteful behaviour that will add to your misery. Legal disputes, whatever necessary.

      NOW, the real fucking challenge. Getting her off the centerpiece of your miserable life. This rotten trophy has been the core of your life that you've long forgotten what life was like without this literal Satan in front of you. This... Is not easy. It never will be and you will suffer for years, and it's going to profoundly affect you for your entire life. Psychotic episodes of rage, mourning, stress, loneliness, all of these emotions you will be subject to when you remove her from your life. At least making her largely unimportant. You will suffer, repeatedly, but this suffering is necessary to change. You will resist change.

      You need to change though, it's the only way. If you have support, use them. If you have hobbies and passion for anything, use them. Do you just want to have a cathartic breakdown of addiction induced hobbies like video games? Do them, but ask your parents for support first. Take care of your selfish needs.

      But return. Return horrifically scarred, beaten down, miserable, stressed, depressed, whatever. But return. And rebuild your life little by little. It has and only been the solution to this issue since forever. Time.

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  • bamesjond0069
    Im sorry but this started because you are a wimp and she didn't respect you. When she first started being messy you should have just pointed at something and said clean this up NOW. Like a father says to a child. And if she didn't just take her car keys and phone and lock it up even if she miss work or whatever. She dont get it back till she does her duties period. Or alternatively put her over your knee and spank her. That would have stopped this all from happening. Women only cheat on men they dont respect. And women can't respect a man they can walk over.
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  • ohkitty
    My love i send you huggs.
    You have already been abandoned
    You have already raised this child alone
    You take responsibility for your actions. The early unexpected child is here to stay.
    Put your time and effort where it is needed most.
    If you feel she is on drugs and needs help get her help.
    If you feel she needs counselling make a dual appointment and you both go. Even if its to find closure.
    When you have a hot girlfriend every other man finds her hot too.
    Its up to her if she does her personal work and find self worth aside from looks.
    She has a lot of work to do from what i hear. And so do you. Where do you go from here?
    Its not really a choice but a direction your going to take. #1 childcare
    #2 being a single parent
    You can do it. Huggs bro.
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    • I agree with much of what you say except the part where he should get her help. She is an enemy and he needs to realize this. His sole job is to keep her away from his son, now and forever.

    • ohkitty

      His sole job isn't his choice. It is up to the law and family court will decide.
      A friend of mine once took the kid and fucked off. That was a baaaaaaaad idea.
      Cops were looking. Made the good parent look bad. Call a lawyer.

  • SarahsSummer
    While I can’t speak to the relationship or all she did wrong or all you did right (we’re only hearing one side to this story), I do find it interesting that you didn’t refer to “the child” as “your son” until the 13th paragraph of your 14 paragraph rant.
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    • It's a way of speaking, a dialect of my local area. We often refer to kids as the child, the cub, the wain etc.

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  • LoU_Hades
    Longs story with short conclusion. You cared too much, despite the relationship was beyond the point of no return. Sometimes we men need to be more cruel, hedonistic and indifferent, even if women use often kids often as hostages.
    Fuck this Stockholm syndrome, if she cheats, then cheat even more, being the victim isn't good for self-confidence.
    • I agree. Women are so ruthless when they decide to end a relationship, men should be too.

    • LoU_Hades

      If you don't make any problems she starts to create them. You don't need to cheat, but your girlfriend needs to know there is at least one who takes you if you go away. And she needs to know going away isn't a big deal for you.

    • Agreed

  • SteveSmith1985
    You know... I wasn't expecting to like you, when I saw your username. I wasn't expecting to like this MyTake when I saw the title--even though I think cheating is terrible.

    I have to say, I think you sound like a stand-up guy--I would shake your hand if I could. I also think your 'revenge' is of the type, that I can WHOLEHEARTEDLY support. I have been quite surprised after reading your story.

    More than anything, I feel deep, genuine sympathy for you. Your situation is actually very close to my literal nightmare. The idea of going through what you've been through is literally my biggest fear. I am quite sure, I wouldn't be able to cope with it as rationally and maturely as you have.

    I want to say that the thing I like about your view of the whole thing; is the way your child is always front-and-center. In every step, as things are getting worse and worse, you're still always bringing it back to "the good of your child". I really think that speaks to what kind of man you are.

    I think it's this fact--that you're tied to this woman because you've got a child together That's what has forced you to keep as 'amicable' a relationship as possible, even though your finding out about the sexting, then the various cheating. I think it's wise, for the sake of your child to not be fighting and bitter with the child's mother. Were it not for this, I think you likely would have kicked her to the curb after the sexting. I don't think you would have even 'had her around' to worm her way back into some semblance of a relationship with you after her 'shitty behavior' (to put it very mildly).

    I think of cheating as a character trait. Some have it more pronounced than others. But a woman like this is clearly a cheater. She will always be a cheater, and she is absolutely worthless--so far as "a relationship" is concerned.

    You would be a fool to ever allow yourself to believe she will ever be faithful. I think you know that. Just don't ever let yourself forget it. You've got to keep her in your life, for the sake of your child. Although, continue to use all legal means to make sure that she is treating your child properly.

    I think for you, as well as for the sake of your child... you need to look elsewhere for your future romantic partners. Show your child what a healthy relationship--and a healthy woman--looks like.

    I'm really really sorry that you went through all this. More sorry, than I can even express. To me though, you are indeed a "strong male". In the sense that I mean myself if I were to say it (which I don't really). I mean, you're a guy who's displayed a strength I admire; a guy who is committed to being a great dad; and I guy who I think MORE of, not less of---after hearing a story about how his wife has "shamed him all over town". To me, you have more dignity than most.

    Thanks for sharing this, and for inviting me to reply. I'm glad you did.

    Good luck :)
  • bobalife
    This was a long sad read... :”(

    I think anyone in your shoe would want some type of revenge of this madness. It’s hard not to feel mad, hurt, sad, or bitter over it. But just know your happiness is so much worth more than worrying over making her suffer by just focusing on you and your child. Even if you have to engage with her in the future, keep your distance and boundaries. Literally don’t fall back for this person because it was full of unhealthy patterns. It’s really sad and horrifying how she can also abused your own child... I would try to have the child stay away from her as much as possible. If there’s supervision involve is better than her and the child alone. Def note down anything bad that might happen on dates and times for the future.

    It was already red flags with the setting, lies, cheating, and then even catching something from another guy. I was amazed at how many chances you gave her after she got caught so many times by lying or cheating on you, but I guess when we love someone.. we want to think the best of them. Though if you know somewhere in your gut something isn’t right or she’s not treating you right, then love yourself enough to literally walk far away from a bad person. I hope you find a good person in the future who will be loving and dedicated to both you and your child.

    Like everyone else said, the best thing to do is move on and show her what she’s missing by just moving forward with your life and being happy. Goodluck and wish you the best!
  • beldath
    There is no point in getting revenge. I suggest getting full custody of your kid if that's possible, and moving on with your life. The best revenge would to be a great parent to your kid. S/he will see how much better you are than the mom, and that's all you will need.
    • She wants the kid for the welfare paycheque

    • beldath

      That's not your problem. Take her to court and fight for it. Kids are #1. Cheating whores that don't want to change their ways for someone good that they have a child with can fuck right off.

    • The woman always wins child custody cases. All she has to do is to claim harassment, assault, rape or whatever and I'd get a restraining order out against me. she's dumb as a post about such things but her family is not.

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  • nightdrot
    Truthfully, I do not like to respond to these kinds of questions and "MyTakes." I don't know the writer, I don't know the other person. I am only hearing one side of the story with no way to verify it. I don't the specifics and the details and so any advice that I provide must be either of a very general nature or it is based on mere supposition.

    Indeed, what is interesting about this "MyTake" is how black and white it is. No shades of gray. All one person is good, the other bad.

    Now indeed, it may have been that way. I have no reason to believe the author would lie and I don't think that he is - at least deliberately so. Still, life is seldom so straightforward.

    There is one interesting "tell" here, however. My girlfriend and I have lived together for 12 years and we are more in love than any two people I know. She has given me three beautiful little gifts who call me "Daddy" and I love them with all my heart.

    One of the things I noticed throughout this "MyTake" is that - almost until the end - the author refers to his son "the child." This suggests a curious emotional distance. I can never imagine referring to my sons or daughter as "the child."

    It could be just a quirk of the writer, but I can never imagine, when I hold my children, referring to them in such an abstract way. I always refer to "my son (s)" or my "my little princess," or some such. The author treats - rhetorically at least - with much more emotional distance.

    This MAY suggest where there were other problems - deeper ones - in relation to his "ex." To be sure, her conduct as described is NOT justified, but the problems described may have deeper causes than just that she was a person of low character.

    In terms of the future, the author needs to take care. First, because the way the author referred to his son suggests emotional distance. If he is all his son has, that will not work. The author needs to think of his "child" as his "baby" and "son" and learn to relate to him more deeply on an emotional and intellectual level.

    His son will need reassurance and love throughout his life - especially if he has only one parent. To be sure, that can be hard for some men - but it will be both better for his son and for their relationship as he grows older. (Especially as the day may come when his son wants to know his mother. He needs to have the emotional upbringing to deal with that which he may never get.)

    As to "revenge." Drop it! That is not what what the author should raise his son to see. The better man takes his lumps like a man and moves on. He does not nurse grudges and fume. That neither makes for a happy life nor a better man and is a bad example to his son.

    It is time to grow up so that you can raise your son to be a gentleman and not merely an echo of your grudges.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    +1 for keeping it real and not skirting around the retelling of events.

    Sorry you got suckered in by a shitty lying abusive POS woman. You and your child both deserved better.

    Your priority now-- as you mention-- MUST be the wellbeing of your son. It sounds likely she was abusive towards him.

    So that considered, if it's a case of "no mum" or "an abusive mum", then it's probably best to cut her out the picture altogether.

    Just be sure to have a good lawyer waiting in the wings, because people like her don't take defeat lightly. She may come after custody of your son with everything she's got. So be ready for that. Don't say or do anything that could later be twisted against you in front of a jury to make you look like the "bad guy". Keep records of all texts/ calls/ videos etc.

    As to her family defending her, I can't say I expected any different. Family will nearly always defend their own, even if logically they know you're in the right. You'll never in a million years convince them to turn against their own daughter, so it's fruitless to even try. Self-deception is a powerful drug. The more you try to make them see the truth, the more they'll dig in to their fortress of denial.

    Going forward, outside of the above suggestions, I'd say you need to not give this cheating bitch any more room in your mind. Don't let her live in your head rent-free.

    Move on. Start dating again. (As far as you're able to outside of your fatherly duties.) At some point you'll meet a woman who couldn't be further away from your ex. You've learned the hard way that there's no smoke without fire. The smaller issues with your ex were premonitions of bigger issues lurking under the surface. Damaged people don't just act out in one specific way, they act out in many ways, both minor and major. So in future you'll know not to let the clues go unnoticed that something is awry.

    Oh, and everything your ex did, she did because of her, not you. If she had married that other guy instead of you all those years ago, then it could've been your door she came knocking on to start an affair behind the husband's back. Hell, she could've lived halfway across the world and married some totally different guy and had his child, and she STILL would've become a lying, cheating bitch. It was always there inside her, it was just waiting for the right milieu to become manifested in actions.
  • GreatnessBack
    TL; DR, but I did read, it sounds like she has a mental disorder. Running up debt, lots of spending, neglecting your child, cheating/many sexual partners are all signs of Bipolar Disorder.
    Should have looked into that before dumping her, but dealing with a sick spouse is VERY tough!!
    She needs some serious help, and if I'm right, I feel sorry for her, because Bipolar's whole job is to separate and isolate its victim from everyone who loves them, so bipolar can kill them.
    • I think that to about the mental disorder. I ding know about it but a lot of things about her past are now coming out.

  • Screenwriter
    Yes, you're wasting time treating her badly. Something is seriously mentally off with her that your mistreatment of her will have no effect on. You should be focusing your efforts on getting full custody of your son so you do not have to deal with her, except on your terms...
  • JimmyQ
    Bro, I feel for you, but everyday you are going to get a little bit stronger and when the right woman comes along, you won't even be able to remember your x's face.

    I'm talking from experience, so I've been down the road before.

    Hang in there. Things are gonna turn around.
  • yucychan
    I'm sorry that you have to meet such an awful woman. You did right in leaving her, though I feel you should have done so much earlier. The moment you knew she was cheating, you should have just take the kid and left.
    Instead you gave her chance after chance, and she took advantage of that. She never loved you nor your son. She's not fit to be a wife, a mother or a daughter. And I'm glad you have nothing more to do with her.
    Please take good care of your son, and show him lots of love.
  • hammo21
    Damn I mean revenge sounds like it would be nice, but the thing you have to consider is that is the mother of your child, no matter how bad she may be you can't replace her as mother, I know revenge would be great in fact I could tell you 100 days to do it, I feel the best thing to do is put your little boy first, and slowly get rid of her parenting rights, she doesn't deserve them
  • BlackRoseFairy
    This was a sad story...
    I am sorry to hear about all this. I understand your anger and you have every right to be mad, but maybe you should focus on your son.
    She got what she deserved by being called out and humiliated, you won't get anything done by wasting yourself with her anymore. Focus on your child, even if this means to fight for custody and get him out of her house.
    I hope you can find the courage to move on and leave her in the past!
  • Hey man, I totally get where you are coming from.

    First, just realize she is/was a dumb whore who isn't done riding the cock carousel. She probably has a ton of Borderline Personality Disorders and is not fit to be in any relationship, let alone be a mother. Also, don't buy the excuse that she "accidentally" got pregnant --- women get pregnant deliberately.

    Second, don't hold this "Darragh" responsible, he only wanted a nice little piece of ass and your girl was only too happy to provide. Any of us would probably have taken similar advantage of the situation.

    You will have to accept who this whore is and the most unfortunate aspect of all of this is that she is the mother of your Son (well, you may want to do a DNA test). Assuming you are the biological father you are stuck with this cunt for the rest of your life at least on some level.

    You should work toward permanent and sole custody, with the mom having supervised visitation (like now but formalized). If this chick is crazy enough she may even sign away her parental rights entirely and you could be rid of her forever. The only thing that will likely keep her from doing this is the pressure from her parents. Try to get her alone and convince her she could ride even more cock if she signs away your Son to you permanently.

  • Apple1996
    Seems like your still not over her If your this mad about everything
    • she's been beating my child, give me an std, cheating on me, humiliating me around town, lying and still lies, disrespected my family and shamed everyone honestly if she deliberately hit me with her car tomorrow I wouldn't be shocked at all lol
      Anyway it was important that she learn that she can't behave as she did without consequences and more importantly that she can't assault our son, in fact she was lucky I didn't kick her around the room.

    • Yeah I'm still not over her and find it hard to accept this is the person she is.

    • Apple1996

      Eh well no one is a completely good person. We all do bad things and stuff we regret. She might have been going theu a hard time or had a hard life so she acted out by doing all these things.

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  • k1ttybaby
    Got pregnant accidentally? Lol. That doesn't happen. She was securing you. And the shit with the kid. Child services or family. Dude. Fuck. That. Bitch. Find some strange... fuxk it out of your system and move on. People easily get addicted to drama and it sucks. I've been there. But she a scandalous how and you know. Get the child away from that woman. That should be your only concern.
  • cicchis0
    Stop wasting energy on her, get away from her and make your life good again.
  • soleil2666
    DON'T, under any circumstances, bother. The only correct way to handle 'stupid' is to distance yourself from it.
    If threatened by it use all legal means (the law permits self-defence) - otherwise, STAY AWAY.
    Months or years later you will be much much happier.
  • Midnight_Kiss
    Didn't bother reading all that because my answer would still be the same, there is no point wasting time and energy holding a grude, the best thing you could do which would most likely p*** her off the most is to move on with your life and rather than letting your past with her take over it.
  • JamesBlackDragon
    I'm not about revenge I would just leave and take my child and if you have evidence of all that she did you will definitely win the court case for custody
    • Afraid not. I called social services and she admitted to what she did. Next day she had the child back but only if supervised by a family member and the child is only allowed at her parents. I get him at weekends. The courts and social services always side with the mother.

    • That sucks maybe if you got a lawyer and took it to trial you could have won

    • Nah the law works differently here.

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  • Nadia16
    Forget about her that's the best revenge. live your life
    • there's a child involved so she needs to start acting right. The kid shouldn't grow up with a neglectful abusive mother sitting in her own filth all day ignoring him while sexting on her phone.

    • Yes, agreed. Pay a few "refugees" to disappear her. You and your son will have a better life.

  • TheAceholeSupreme666
    Dude, you've done enough. She's not worth it.
    Forget her, ignore her, and just carry on, you and the child, and make the best out of life for the 2 of you.
    Her parental rights should be forcibly revoked by Court Order.
    I've been through it too...
    Do remember to lead by example, and bear in mind that living well is the best revenge.
    As far as she, the ex, is concerned,
    Drop it and let it go. Life is too short to hold grudges. Trust me, not worth it.
  • Taylor_C
    Just leave it. Time to turn the pages and start on a new chapter in the book that is your life. Trying to get revenge is just pas it shows you're not able to move on.
  • areta67
    Girls heartburn when they notice you've moved on. Like what if you do a show and she dont hive a damn u will be the clown. Move on... She doesn't love you? ok fine but you must love yourself. She doesn't need you? ok fine but you need yourself most
  • outside_Toronto
    Break ups are never easy no matter the reason. I'm sure child (ren) make it more of a challenge.
    I do believe no matter how you feel, revenge is a complete waste of your limited time. Everyone gets what's coming to them in life no matter their circumstances. Her included. Your time is better spent moving on, learning from the experience and the past and applying the lesson (s) to whatever comes next for you.
  • Dchrls78104
    Ultimately the best revenge is to move on and leave her in the snakepit she has dug for herself. You did say her loverboy gave her chlamydia, right?
    • ... and me or she gave us both or whatever.
      We've kid so she needed to be taught a lesson and to be forcefully encouraged to act right.

  • BagoH
    Bro she's a mess already. Look at her, dumb cunt got chlamydia, got no love from people around her, her parents know what skank she is. Her life is ruined already, it's just a matter of time before she does crack and dies of overdose...
  • rogue36
    I understand u wantin revenge for d shit she put u through but honestly, she ain't worth it. Im glad ur man enough to see n hold ur end tho. It must hv been so hard 4 u pickin up d slack. But i get u. Dnt waste ur time on her anymore, she isn't worth it. D day will cm 4 her soon.
  • whitehide
    You need to leave her and try to get custody of your son, before it fucks you and your son up completely. Pregnancies and child birth can change women and there has something gone wrong in her head.
  • MzAsh
    Just move on and quit messing with her. Don’t prove that you’re also a shitty person by revenge. Just move on.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    If a partner cheats, that's it, its done and you should immediately remove them from your life as quickly and viciously as possible.
  • Liam_Hayden
    So much effort. I would have dumped her at the first sign of cheating. Of course I'm sterile so I will never have the added complication of a child, nor will I ever allow a woman to live in my house so there will not be that drama either.
  • The_man_whol_aughs
    Your very persistent to follow me

    But hey good job getting revenge on her
    by the way was she cheating with a black guy?
    • Nope. Weirdly it was an uncle fester lookalike, some bald loser and a guy that's 65 that picked her up ag a bar.
      You know she's pretty enough and young enough if she wanted to cheat she could have had her pick.

    • She's a gold digger man good that you did her bad

    • None of these guys including me have any gold. I mean that's what I dong get.

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  • akihon
    You want my opinion then here it is, you're suffering because of her but it's all your fault.

    At any point you can walk away, Sur for custody of your child, get a DNA test done by the way, and stop it all but you don't you hang onto some false hope like it's all going to work out

    Stop trying to fix something that just doesn't want to be fixed, she's miserable and wallowing in it because that's where she's comfortable. Leave her there get custody of your kid and leave her for dust.

    You are doing all of this to yourself and you only have yourself to blame for its you who is allowing this all to happen to you.
  • smrh1999
    Just move on
    I think a girl who cheated on you doesn' deserve your you
  • samael_kmarty
    Sorry bro I am in the state of answering this, the reason you ask.
    I never got into a relationship or got out so in theory I can't help you with this
  • andreasderjuengere
    Does it make sense to take 'revenge'?
    Why not just cut her out of the picture and move towards a 'better life'?
  • termanator
    Well I said I would never hit a woman unless she pulled a gun or a sword on me , but if she was beating my kid in the head, I’d be having a conversation with a police officer and not her
  • RawaajUK
    I really like your question. Just ignore her as you don't know your ex. I hope she will die.
    We can hit someone but that hurts for a little bit of time. So teasing someone is the best weapon.
  • Tezuka234
    thats actually quit messed up... i really dont think revenge is a good idea cus it would just make you look like a bad person... you are better off just moving on and finding someone better..
  • rockrewls
    I'm sorry you went through all the shit you did, but dude I would have kicked her ass to the curb right at the beginning, I wouldn't have put up with that piece of trash.
  • DictumVeritas
    Your first prize is full custody and her completely out of your life with no contact. I know this is almost impossible to obtain, but the closer you can get to that, the happier you will be.
  • Oleaniana95
    The best thing to do is get an understanding as to why she's doing whats she's doing. Maybe the communication isn't there or she feels as if she can do whatever she pleases to do or she just doesn't care about what y'all have to be sleeping with other men. But in all honesty, move on thats sounds best for you. Or you're just gonna keep getting surprises like that.
    • How about accepting she is a crazy bitch?

    • I mean that too or just leave her be🤷🏽‍♀️. Which ever one is basically less stressful

  • Iron_Man
    She's out of your life now move on. I have a bad temper i would never put up with her
  • bulletbob555
    Best revenge is living well do that. As you said you have a child to think about. Go out and find a woman Thats more right for you
  • cgehr783
    What did u do during sex? I bet i know why she was cheating (theres usually only one reason) but u shouldn't touch her with a ten foot poll. I want to help u cheat proof ur next relationship. The best thing about it is that its free.
    • Nah. There was no trouble there up until about two years ago. She obviously decided I wasn't good enough for her or met this other guy. Women start emotionally cheating and then physically.
      Like I remember years ago when we first started up she had her first orgasms ever, she used to squirt all over the place and got super horny when she was pregnant. I remember waking up in the middle of the night when she was pregnant a few times to find her riding me, sucking me of or just playing with me.

  • Barbarian8
    So sorry my man. I can't say anything now as it needs time to focus to tell you what I know. but hopefully in few hours I get back to you
    • Barbarian8

      Man, I am sorry for what happened to you but but I am really confused about your reaction!! Can I know where you live?

  • SlickDizJT
    Hey if she's not banging anyone else forget about it. My ex would strip with my friends over, it's all about being comfortably able to show it
  • Snakeyes7
    Don’t do it. Revenge will only leave you emptier than before.
  • Juxtapose
    I'd have left her on the first sext tbf. Just gtfo.
  • Melissa01979
    Move on forget about her become better without her that piss her off the most.