My ex called late the other night and I missed it, does he miss me?

Things ended really badly with my ex (he wasn't over his ex, wouldn't commit, then got jealous even still, etc.) and I haven't talked to him for about 5 months, I've also been in a different country. I noticed he called late at night his time the other day, will he call again, do guys do that when they miss you or is it a booty call (even though I really emphasize things did NOT end well)


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  • He might be missing you. I did the same thing to my ex and I was drunk too. One of my friends did the exact same thing one time. Sure its something many men do.

    • did you do it because you actually wanted to talk to her?

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    • he only ever told me he "could" love me, I know he wasn't over his ex. he was really mean at the end, I just don't know what he could even possibly say to me to take it back.

    • He seems very confused, same as my ex. I don't know if there's any good advice for such situations. Maybe you should ask someone older and close to you with much experience in relationships and life in general. Thats what I did.

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  • well, I think he might be missing you maybe wait a week and if he doesn't call then u call him and ask him y he did that?


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  • drunk call?

    • probably, does that matter?

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    • no I missed the call, I don't really want to call him back, I feel like he should call during a normal time just to show some respect. things ended badly, I feel like it's rude to call late like that after what happened.

    • totally agree. I agree with you on that, someone I use to know long ago did that to me.

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