Should I stay or should I go, I've been dating this guy for 5 months his a fifo worker wich means he fly in fly out for work he does two weeks on one?

Don't know whether i should stay or go, I've been dating my boyfriend for 5 months when his home from work we go out on dates and spend time together it seems like we enjoy each others company, my issue is I've not meet any of his family members and his meet all of mine, a nother is when i ask him weather or not is he wants a relationship he never gives me a straight answer! also he won't accept my relationship request on facebook sounds silly but it means something to me and but not least he's going away to American for two months and this concerns me because it's a long time away from a new relationship the big time i don't feel like his committing enough and I don't know whether I'm expecting too much from him i don't know this is why i need help


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  • I'm sorry to say but you should let him go because I don't think you'll like to be the only one putting efforts all the time. He's probably a douchebag who is using you.

    Look, relationship is a combined effort, if he's not helping then just let it go.

  • you should go.

    • Why should i leave ^^^ do you think his using me?

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