My girlfriend has ended our relationship as she says there is too much going on in her life and she needs to deal with these things first?

I started dating an amazing girl nearly a year ago and at the time, she had been separated from her husband for just over a year. Things quickly progressed for us and within a few months we had become girlfriend/ boyfriend. This was brought on by her daughter asking if I was Mummy's boyfriend to which she replied, 'Yes'. At first I would be at her house all night then drive home and spend the night apart but this changed in April after all three of us went away on a caravan holiday. After then we were inseparable and I stayed at hers and she would stay at mine at the weekend. I fell in love with both my girlfriend and her daughter. Her daughter was having trouble sleeping but after a few months of me being there, she began to sleep the whole night without wetting the bed. Myself and my girlfriend recently had an amazing weekend in Amsterdam and life couldn't have been any better. On Saturday just passed however things changed. I myself have been out of my marriage just over a year and things were playing on my mind. My girlfriend is currently going through the sale of her home which her ex husband has been dragging out for so long. He uses their daughter as a pawn to inflict more pain on her by saying he wants more custody than her. She has been off work the last two weeks due to stress and thinks she may be off for the next two to try and deal with things. On Saturday we had our first ever argument about something that was needless, my fault completely as I was being stupid and since then things haven't been good. On Monday she said she wanted space to think about our relationship and then last night she told me she has too much to deal with right now that she can't focus on being in a relationship and ended things. She said she needs to focus on her daughter and getting herself better first before being in a relationship and she can't cut anything else out so it has to be me.
She says its not a goodbye, just a see you later and that she is still very much in love with me. She hates having to hurt me like this and said I can still see her and her daughter from time to time. I said I will wait as long as I need to and I understand she needs time to sort things out first. I just feel so lost and lonely that I am numb. She says once she has sorted things out we can see where we are and try again. I just fear this won't happen. i love both her and her daughter.


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  • Sounds lIke she is afraid of having a repeat bad marriage. If she is still dealing with that, then she really does need to take time for herself. But make sure u set a timeline. She Can't Expect u to sit around waiting. That is not fair to u. This is why nobody should involved in the first place while they r still dealing with exes. I'm sorry for your pain.


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  • Your not going to like this, but I am trying to help you.
    Putting a question mark at the end of a sentence that is too long to begin with, like this sentence is for your reference here, does not make it a question.
    Read what you wrote as someone else other than you.
    That person doesn't speak the same as you.
    They don't know where to hesitate between thoughts.
    I don't see a question in your wording. At all.
    I write a lot, so I'm confident about what should be expected for a normal comprehension of diction. Simplify the question and make what you are asking very clear. Unmistakably clear.
    Your details content is way too long!
    I want to help you, but seeing that epic, I was tempted to scroll the hell out of here as fast as I can! No life stories, K?
    Hey, I did a question that I knew was way too long. It was half the size.
    Make it easy for an absolute stranger, that has no stake in you or the problem your posting a question about, to give you a helpful opinion.
    Put yourself in their place. Cool?


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