Why does my ex still want to talk everyday?

Hi, so I will try to make this quick. I was on birth control for a while and it made me crazy. I would always fight with my boyfriend over nothing and realized I was going to ruin the relationship. I stopped birth control and he continued to bring up old fights and eventually broke up with me. After breaking up, he still texts every single day. Never calls or asks to hang out. Also, he got mad when I mentioned I may hang out with another guy. Help please! I don't get it>

Thank you so much for your advice!


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  • There are TWO reasons this guy wants to keep you on his respected radar, and only two reasons:

    Option one: This guy may have felt he made a mistake in letting you go, but also wants to stick to his convictions. Instead of attempting to get you back right away, which would prove that he was a dumbass for breaking up with you, (he doesn't want to feel like a dumbass), So, the only way to come back out looking on top, is to just keep your guys' bridge from burning, and perhaps weening you two back together through non-threatening texts. And now that you may hang out with another guy, well, do I actually have to explain to you what jealousy is? You know why he's mad about that. He's mad about that cause your hanging out with another guy! Not a lot of grey area there. Moving on.

    Option number two: (and this one is hard for folks to come to terms with,) But perhaps this isn't a genuine love thing. The only other reason for this behavior is because he feels that you are his in some way. Broken-up, or not. He's texting you so he can keep an eye on you, and make sure your not doing anything he doesn't want you to do, like, oh I dunno, hang out with another guy? HMMMM?

    Now, your an adult, your alowed to see whoever the f*** you want to, but if this guy is a tad on the psycho side, then don't let him in. But in my opinion, I think it's option 1.

    But don't rule out the possibility that this guy may be a bit on the possessive side. I know a thing or two about psycho-ex behavior, cause I had to deal with it, many many times. Many.


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  • guy sounds like a jerk. Move on, don't look back. He wants you but doesn't. Block his number, stop returning his calls. That'll teach him

  • grass is always greener theory


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