If your wife cheated and got pregnant by another man, would you stay or leave?

I’d love to hear what any husbands who stop by have to say in answer to this question. I personally believe that a marriage contract has been breached the moment either the wife gets pregnant by another man or the husband gets another woman pregnant. There is no longer a marriage at that point as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes I find myself holding very antiquated and sexist views. I’m not bragging about that as it’s nothing to brag about. I’m just being honest in admitting that I am not always consistent in my opinions and that my opinions about cheating sometimes change depending on the gender of the cheater. For example I can more easily find reasons for a wife to stay with her husband if he’s cheated and gotten another woman pregnant than I can find for a man to stay with his wife. It seems somehow worse to me when a wife steps out on her husband and gets pregnant by another man, and I see it as somehow indicative of a weakness in character when a man stays with his wife under those circumstances. To get pregnant by another man to me is just the ultimate insult to your husband. So I pose the question to any husband who is reading, if your wife got pregnant by another man would you stay and if you would stay what would be your reasoning in deciding to stay?
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I personally went through this. 14 years later we are divorced both re-married. I can tell you it’s the most DEVASTATING thing that I ever went through. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel pain in my bones. I actually watched her give birth to the baby. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE can describe how this event affected my life, and continues to this day, 14 years later. You have your good days, and your bad days, but you NEVER get over it. The absolute hardest part is the last thing my ex-wife
If your wife cheated and got pregnant by another man, would you stay or leave?
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