My girlfriend left me because I smoked?

My girlfriend doesn't like when i smoke cigg,3 days ago i smoked weed and cigg infront of her bestfriend, i started to see change in her behaviour from then, yesterday i got drunk and smoked weed and ciggs too and told her about getting drunk and she got mad at me.
We got into a really heated discussion where i thought its good to cool down and fix things.
I've quit everything and told her too but she broke up with me and talked to me very rudely.
She even blocked my messaged in fb, how to get her back :')
+1 y
I went up to her school today and talked to her about this.
I said I've left all those things.
I was not addicted to pot and alco, i was addicted to cigg.
She was definitely very very angry and after 20 mins she was annoyed and left.
I was soo upset i didn't say a word and i came back home.
When i reached, i got a call from her, we are back together now and its been 3 days i haven't smoked.
My girlfriend left me because I smoked?
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