She said she's done.. is she or will I get her back?

My ex and I have been dating for 7 months and we fought like couples do about things. My problem was a hid some of my feelings to her because I was afraid to get hurt so I limited our relationship. But over the period of time she was breaking me down and I started to open up a lot more. Toward the end I told her I loved her and she said it back. I encouraged to go to college. Another fault of mine was that I told her I didn't want marriage or kids but again before we broke up I talked to her about it. the last night of our relationship we talked like regular and the next morning she said we need to take a break. I initially said OK and called her she didn't want to talk at all I was trying to figure out what I did she wouldn't tell me. So we argued and broke up. I was upset obviously and took her off my facebook and removed my status they made her even more upset. She asked me why I was making her disappear already I said because I'm hurt I told her that I loved her she said she loved me to but that she was done and she was tired of the bickering and that we didn't want the same thing. I told her I did she said she didn't believe me. for a week I tried talking to her I asked her if there was another guy if she was pregnant. She said no to all the above. Finally I gave up I didn't understand I know I hid my feelings but I threw them all on the table in the end saying here I am this is all me.

Two days after no contact a friend told me she was in another relationship with another guy already I texted her saying you lied to me and all she had to do was tell me the truth. She called back and said that she was trying to get over me then stated that she did it to just make me mad so that I would stop talking to her and leave her alone because I kept trying to talk. She said she just wanted some space to figure things out on her own. I told her that was fine she should have told me that from the beginning and I would have backed off. I told her that she had changed me and was opening me up and how I wanted to give her a family and a good life (every time I did this she would tell me to stop). She said that if I wanted to keep this alive that I should leave her alone I said fine if that's what it takes I'll do it. Then should said she might not come back I said OK it's your choice just know that I do want you back and I do love you more then anything good luck with school and goodbye..

The relationship status for her and the other guy is still up and it is some what a long distance relationship now


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  • Hello,

    this is a tough time brother but the best thing you can do is walk away from her. she knows how you feel.. but she's wants to move on.. you cannot keep someone who doesn't want to keep you its just that simple.. and trust me there isn't a man on the plant who doesn't know how you feel right now so your not alone..

    delete her number.. remove her from your facebook.. take some time out and allow yourself to heal, when your ready you will be able to move on and meet someone else.. by staying ion contact with her all your going to do is cause yoursefl more pain.. trust me you don't want to hear about how she's starting to fall for this new guy or the things there doing together..

    the sooner you cut her off the sooner you can being to heal.. I know it feels like if you can just tell her how you feel she will say she feels the same and run back to you but it really doesn't work this way..

    let her go and move on.. it sounds cold but its the best advice.. the sooner you start going to other girls the sooner you will feel better about yourself and you will start to forget about her..

    remember, rejection makes you feel like your in love.. but in reality your not, your just hurt..

    Good Luck

    - Chris


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