Would you talk to your ex after 5 months of no contact?

me and my ex broke up nearly 10 month ago the last time I had contact with her was 5 month ago, I end the relationship and being perfectly honest I was a d*** about it, however she got me back and things didn't end on a good note.

I sorted my life out and now I'm completely different, I've got over what happen between us and have no bad feelings towards her or her current boyfriend. Saturday gone I got a text from my best friend (who is a mutual friend) asking if I liked my ex still, he told me that at the party they where having that she said she missed me and someone asked her if she would get back with me she said nothing so they took that as a yes then she said yea after that she got my friend to text me and then to ring me but my phone was dead but she is still with her other ex/current boyfriend but clearly isn't happy.

I was thinking of starting to talk to her again simply as nothing more than simple conversation however I've been the happiest I've been since I stopped contact with her and I'm wondering whether contact would be a mistake or harmless.

After 3-4 month from the break up I tried to get back with her, this is when she got me back, leading me on and messing me around, sleeping with her other ex and ignoring all my texts/calls,
I sent her a fb message saying sorry and how I cared about her still and had accepted things and was moving on but hoped we could be friends, she show it to her other ex and they took the p*ss out of me and 2 friends and my dad over a fb status.
I deleted her and the next day she 'officially' was back with her ex and no contact since then till the above.


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  • Contacting her wouldn't be a mistake but outta desperation,Wait 4 her 2 contact you first,u sent her d last message that pleaded 2 her 2 get back with you which she p*ssed you off with her other ex,.she still likes you and if she really does,she would text or call maybe 2 apologize 4 how she behaved d last time you sent a text 2 her or tell you she z over that which happened between both of you and would want both of you 2 get back with each other since you still love and care 4 her...goodluck

  • Honestly from what your saying that's a bridge that has well and truelly been burnt. Even if you say your completely over what happen, if you got back with her, eventually those feelings would come back.

    I'd say its OK to be friends with her but nothing more. Not to mention if she's in a relationship now and is ready to just jump into another one then she has serious issues. People who don't give themselves time to get over their recent relationship are bad news and a burden on the rest of us trying to make a decent relationship with someone.

    If there's anything more specific you want to know just ask but if you want my opinion then I would keep your distance from this girl for now, at least until she splits up with her current boyfriend.


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