Relationship trouble please help me?

Im 24 years old and been with my girl for 6 years.. so almost my whole life lol.. my girl is super sweet and i love her but maybe our time has come. Because i feel as a person i have grown a lot mentally the last couple of years. I really like having deep conversations but it feels like she only likes to talk about what happend this day and about the few subjects she likes? I have no problems doing things she likes : I've seen all Disney movies etc lol but i have the feeling its a bit one sided? Also mindfulness became a big part of my life for the last year or so and it helpt me a lot with my mental problems (my father got killed and i lost a few people really close to me in a short period of time) i try to show her this way but i dont think im able to show her the way? I dunno she is a really smart girl but i think she is not ready for it or maybe she never will be? Also she does not like changes
She is super sweet and in rough times she really helpt me just by showing she loved me but in my opinion she couldve done more she wanted me to go to therapy but I've always been my own therapist and im doing ok plus friends always come to me for advice and i have no problem helping them but maybe in asking too much...
And i know for a fact I've out grown her sexually because im very open minded and she is quite the opposite.. I still think she is pretty but not that sexy maybe? Also i can't denie i notice a lot of girls /women seem to be intrested in me and i kinda wanna know whats that all about.. Since I've only slept with 1 girl before my girlfriend.. and im scared this wil haunt me when im older

Dont get it twisted i still love her but maybe thats not enough? She is super sweet and i can't even remember not being with her but maybe our time has come? But i dont want to make a big mistake because this may be the biggest dicision in my life yet..
So please help me !
Sorry for my bad English im Dutch
Relationship trouble please help me?
Relationship trouble please help me?
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