Husband says I have to announce our divorce to kids alone because I asked for it. Fair?

My husband has agreed to a divorce. I asked for it because he was emotionally, mentally and at times physically abusive. Things have been deteriorating and I decided I should get out early before things get really bad.

Previously, he agreed that even though I asked for the divorce, we would announce it together and explain to the kids we will continue to love and care for them but just in separate places since none of this is their fault.

Today he said he wants to just pack his bags and leave and it's on me to explain it.

I have messaged with people on G@G who have told me how damaging it was when their dads just dipset instead of facing them when they were leaving.

So am I being unreasonable to ask that we do this as a family unit or is he right and that since I want the divorce I should shoulder the full burden in announcing it?
You asked for the divorce so you announce it to the kids.
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Regardless of who is initiating both parents should announce the divorce together.
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1 y
For the person (and all subsequent people) who voted I should explain it since I asked for it, please leave your opinion. I GENUINELY would like to hear your point of view.
1 y
Yes, I think it's best I do do it because the last part is exactly the way he wants to frame it. He wants to tell kids who have 20 years between them "Mommy doesn't want me". He said so. He isn't thinking if them at all.
1 y
I announced it to my kids. Found out ex talked to only my daughter (his golden child) about it afterwards. Happy to be free. Thanks to all answerers.
1 y
Thanks for your invaluable suport during the darker periods.
Husband says I have to announce our divorce to kids alone because I asked for it. Fair?
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