Is he jealous? Or mad?

Had a relationship with a guy that seemed like it was going nowhere. No actual commitment. Just make-out buddies who talk all the time. I decided to confront him. I basically told him we are either going to be in a committed relationship or we’re done. No in-between. Days went by. He finally said, “I think it has been over for a while now, and you know it to! It's not you, it's me obviously. This wouldn't be the first time for me either.” I didn’t respond. The next day he sends his original text message and circled the part where it said, “I think it has been over for awhile now.” And said, “that’s not what it was supposed to say. It was supposed to say I don’t think it’s over. I’m sorry I’m a little tipsy. I’m sorry that’s no excuse.” I was so confused. So I just told him he’s fine, and to do what’s best for him. He responded with stuff like, “No it’s not fine. I acted like an ass when you wanted to talk. It’s not right. It’s probably too late. I do like you too. And I know I’m bad with these situations. I’m sorry for not saying anything earlier. It’s too late to make it up. Would you be willing to talk in person?” So we met up. He said he likes me, but he’s not ready for a relationship mentally. Something about his past that’s holding him back. I told him I understand, but I’m not willing to wait anymore. So we ended it. Immediately the next day he started messaging me on Snapchat. Like nothing changed. My friend had a party bus 2 weeks later for her birthday. He was on it. We flirted. (Touching each other, joking, sat close to each other..) Everyone thought we’d make out. Long story short, I ended up making out with another guy. Everyone saw, including him. After that, he hasn’t replied to any of my snaps. But he watches my stories. Do you think he’s mad? Jealous? I don’t really understand what’s going through his mind. This whole situation is frustrating. I can’t avoid him because we both have the same friends. It’s unavoidable. I don’t know what to do.
Is he jealous? Or mad?
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