I told him to lose my number and stop contacting me. But now I regret it. Will he reach out to me eventually?

I was talking to this guy for about 3 weeks. He was all into me. Making time for me before and after work. Told me he couldn't believe he felt the way he did so soon. Then he tells me, he is spoiling me and has to stop giving me so much attention. After that I noticed a change. He wasn't trying to see me as much. He still texted and called, but it was always during his work hours, not after work. When I brought this to his attention he made an effort to change. During a conversation the topic of his children's mother came up. They seem like they get along so well(which is good) I asked him did he think they would get back together. He said maybe, he didn't know what the future held. That made me feel like maybe he was stringing me along, and maybe they are still involved. Here is where I messed up. I should have faded into the background, and dealt with him on a diff level. I told him it was best if we didn't talk anymore. We ended up getting into an argument via text, because he threw jabs and I threw back. I told him to loose my number and don't call. And he hasn't. Even after I apologized for not being "Christian like" (he had pointed that out in the text) He said some hurtful things, but I know he was upset for me telling him we should end it. I wish I hadn't told him to loose my number and not to call, because I do miss our conversations. Guys; Would you call back? From a guy's point of view what is he thinking? Part of me wants to call and tell him I didn't mean it and lets start over, but the other part of me keeps hearing him say, "It's my way, I write the book" and my head is saying "Don't you dare call him back, if he really cared he would reach out." What do you think?
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  • If you told me to hoop it. No I wouldnt.

    You have to do the chasing now miss. I'm sorry to say that, but you told him what you wanted, and he is giving you everything you want. So now it seems like you will have to do the fixing.

    Btw, your head sounds like its playing its own tricks on you, since you where the one to tell him to leave.. And your heads telling you things like it was him that did it, when really it was you, in reality.

    If you really want him back, you will have to reach out to him. Not one call. It would have to be a couple, so he knows that your not playing with him.

    Face it if you call once, he will be like oh she probably miss dialed me. If you call 2 or 3 times, then he will know that your being serious and actually want to speak to him.

    You have to do the chasing now. I suggest you tell that voice in your head to shut up, cause you told him to hoop it. Not the other way around.

    Good luck!

    • Yea you're right. I felt like he was stringing me along and playing head games. His favorite thing to say was "I write the book, it's my way." I think the best thing for me to do is what I should have done in the first place...fade to black. Our paths are bound to cross again, and maybe we'll see what happens when they do.

    • Yea I don't know if they will "cross" again, since you told him to hoop it. I'm sure if he sees you again he won't be approaching you. lol and yea he's right, I say the same thing, "i write the book" ha! That's crazy that he says that, cause I honestly say it too.

    • oh and one more thing, cause I just saw the vote poll. I chased my first true love for like 3 years, and she just kept telling me to hoop it. I don't know why, but she did. So I will never chase again. Sorry.

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What Guys Said 3

  • well that's a tough one

    if it would happen to me I would'nt call or text because the other person told me

    but what you can do is text him and say lets discussed what happened that's the only thing I can come up with

    • I thought about that. Every one is saying to leave him alone, he's just a player anyway. I already pulled away from him twice. He's probably like..forget it. On top of that he said I was attention starved(even tho he poured it on thick and asked why he stopped) and disturbed. The disturbed part was mean. So I feel like if this is how he truly views me, what's the point. Plus, what if I get rejected?

  • i what ever happends there is always a what if

    just do what you think is right that is the best answer you can get

    • Thank you for answering. Do you think because he didn't reach out that means he doesn't care because 3 wks was not enough time invested anyway. Or is it more like what you said...i told him not to call/text so he isn't.

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    • then I would say just text him you want to discuss the issue and if he says no then you know its over

    • Thank you:)

  • Not a chance.


What Girls Said 4

  • I think this all depends on what personality someone has. If someone told me this I would never contact them again... unless they apologized and took it back but I'd still be withdrawn probably...

    But I know some people say the meanest things to each other and after a while they get over it... so it all depends on what sort of person he is..

  • "Then he tells me, he is spoiling me and has to stop giving me so much attention."


    "I asked him did he think they would get back together. He said maybe, he didn't know what the future held."

    Oookay, he's just not that into you.

    "he threw jabs"

    NOT okay, after he was behaving erratically. Your throwing jabs back wasn't right but more understandable. And he didn't apologize, though you did? Geez.

    This guy is doing you a favor if he doesn't contact you anymore. He doesn't like you and said mean things to you.

  • Don't bother someone great will come along

  • I think you should just let this one go...even if he does reach out to you, I doubt the outcome will be good. If you felt like he was stringing you along and said hurtful things to you, then maybe you were right about him..Lots of guys always come back but not for good reason

    • Yea, that's what everyone else is saying. I'm just going to be strong. I guess my feelings are hurt. How can you give a girl so much attention, tell her you're going to pull away a little, and when she questions why...she's attention starved? For so long I wouldn't let anyone get an inch near me and the minute I do...this happens. Thank you for responding. I feel torn even though I should be leaning more toward what you said.

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