How to Escape The Friendzone in Just 5 Steps


“Oh, we’re just friends.”

As a guy who's trying his best to attract this one special girl, don’t you hate hearing those words?!

It turns a friendship platonic, impotent and limp.

It makes your lust for her seem so inappropriate.

We all know how this goes:

1) You meet a beautiful woman but you’re too scared to ask her out.

2) You play it safe and end up becoming good friends.

3) You secretly have a huge crush on her but you don’t know how to tell her, and the last thing you want to do is ruin the friendship.

4) You suddenly get the courage to tell her how you feel. Perhaps you write her a pathetic love letter thinking it would be romantic. Perhaps you get drunk one night and make your move only to get the embarrassing brush off. Perhaps you do nothing and you continue to stew in your own self-made prison we call the friends zone.

In almost every scenario you end up rejected, embarrassed, or suppressed.

Whats the best way to move forward?

Well it took me MANY years to figure it out, but hopefully you’ll be wise enough to pay attention to my timely advice.

Step 1: Stop Everything You’re Doing.

Before you destroy any possibility with this girl you MUST stop what you’re doing.

Here is a simple DO NOT DO list:

– DO NOT tell her how you’re feeling. At least not with words. This includes love letters, well-written music, or drunken confessions. This will only creep her out, and will destroy her trust in you.

– DO NOT continue to hang out with her like she’s just a buddy. For the moment, stop doing all the friend things that you’re doing. I’ll explain why in the next few steps.

– DO NOT explain why you’re suddenly acting so differently. She must never suspect you’re trying something new. She will definitely FEEL that you’re being different but you must never confirm or deny this to her. It’ll only add mystery to the equation, and thats a good thing. (This doesn’t mean you’re suddenly a dink, it simply means you’re changing gears for the moment.)

– Stop showering her with your attention, gifts, compliments and affection. These things only work if you’re already dating, or just friends.

She will never logically decide to feel attraction for you, so you must start to communicate directly to her unconscious. This is why words won’t do; only actions and behaviors will have the right impact.

Step 2: Get Educated.

Understanding the basics of Attraction and Rapport is the foundation of getting past the Just Friends stage of relating.

How to Escape The Friendzone in Just 5 Steps

I won’t go into the ridiculous details like I do in my free online course (How To Escape The Friendzone) or the book I've written by the same name, but I’ll give you some basics: all romantic relationships seem to transverse universal steps: Attraction, Rapport, and Intimacy.

Simply learning that these steps exist will get you in the game, instead of sidelined confused and upset.

If you’re currently already good friends with this woman then you’re currently already relating with each other. This means you skipped the Attraction and Intimacy stages, which are about tension and passion. Your new job is to redevelop those other stages.

Step 3: Create Attraction (By Leading.)

A huge reason you’ve end up being just friends with a woman is because you skipped the ATTRACTION STAGE and went straight into the RAPPORT STAGE.

What you’ve failed to understand is that women aren’t attracted to you because of what you’re doing or saying, but because of who you’re BEING.

You need to start BEING attractive instead of BEING safe and friendly.

Odds are you’ve ended up following her around like a little puppy dog. This has got to stop. Instead you must learn to take the LEAD and hope that she’ll follow you.

If she trusts you she’ll follow you.

ATTRACTION is about tension and flirting and sexual danger, while RAPPORT is about sameness, connection, and loosening tension. Friends share rapport, so being friendly builds rapport.

Perhaps you’ve mistakenly feared upsetting her by coming onto her, and so you've been not yourself... you've been overly nice instead of flirty and sexually expressive.

Let me be the guy who tells you a secret.. it's OKAY to be attracted to a woman, it's okay to want to have sex with her, and it's okay to express those feelings when the situation is appropriate. The problem is that if she only sees you as a friend then along the way you forgot to express your true sexual or romantic interest.

And now you’re stuck in the androgynous purgatory of being just friends with her.

So now you have to BREAK OUT of this purgatory.

Easy ways to start breaking rapport and building tension:

Playfully tease her about things she’s confident in (if she knows she has a great body, then tease her about how unattractive you find her. Just remember that this only works if she KNOWS you’re teasing her, and if she is truly confident about herself. Don’t tease an insecure model about being fat, because you’ll ruin the poor girl.) For example, I have this friend who I love teasing about her ridiculous huge purses. She knows I'm kidding, but I enjoy coming up with names for them. For example, her newest purse looks like an enormous horse vagina its all leathery and floppy and gross.

Another example... I was messaging this cute girl on tinder and she told me she was Polynesian to which I said, "OMG, I'm sooo sorry! Is there nothing the doctors can do for you?!"

How to Escape The Friendzone in Just 5 Steps

Role-play with her, while always assuming she’s making sexual innuendos. This is about being fun, while also helping her to associate you with sexual banter.

Next time she says "Well, it’s getting late, time for bed, " you can say, "Wow, I don’t even know if I find you sexy yet and you want to jump right into bed eh? Well only if you keep the lights off."

Next time the two of you are eating out together say this to waiter, "Can you please give us your most romantic table? Its our one year anniversary!" You'd be surprised at how often the waiter will treat you to something free to celebrate, plus it gets you role-playing together. It makes you two in on the joke, like a team. And it implies you'll be together for at least another year.

Say No to everything she says, suggests, or asks. This is a simple way to break rapport. If she says, Let's have dinner tonight at 6 then you say, "No. But I can pick you up at 6:30. And wear those cute jeans that make your butt look great."

If she says, "Who were you out with last night?" you say, "Oh nobody you know, but I can promise you she was HOT! " then wink, and refuse to elaborate.

– Only give her one compliment. If you’re secretly into her then you’re likely giving her way too many compliments. Especially when she’s looking for them. Instead open your evening with, "Hey, you actually look pretty good tonight" almost like you’re being sarcastic. But then drop it like it's hot.

– Lead by being assertive. Don’t ask for her permission to do or say things. Don’t waste her time with "Well, what do YOU want to eat?" Instead make suggestions, "Lets go to that new place downtown, I hear they have great Chinese food. I’ll pick you up at 6." It's your job to make the plans and help them happen. Take her by the hand figuratively and lead her on this fun date!

Step 4: Meet Other Women.

At first this seems counter conductive but its not. Its POWERFUL.

To get that one girl you have force yourself to practice being good with all girls. So date more!

One reason you might be stuck with this girl is because you’re suffering from oneitis. The deadly disease that causes you to only have passions for one woman because you’ve fooled yourself into thinking she’s unique, special and one-of-a-kind.

If your mind is messed up with this one girl, then you need to get distracted OR brought back to reality. There are many other women who are just as happy to be your special girl. Go meet some of them.

How to Escape The Friendzone in Just 5 Steps

there's nothing quite as attractive as a man other women want to be with. Its called social proof and its amazingly effective at helping a girl to notice you.

Plus, the more women you practice your flirting with, the better you’ll be at it. You don’t want to test your skills on the woman you REALLY want until you feel confident in your delivery and body language.

So go out and date everything.

Step 5: Escalate.

The real reason you’re in this mess is because you didn’t have the balls to make your move on the first date.

Why haven’t you tried kissing her yet? You were scared of rejection. You were scared of losing her attention. You were scared.

But guess what?

There are really three possible outcomes if you try to make things happen with her:

1) She likes it and returns your interest.

2) She doesn’t like it and feels flattered by your advances and you remain good friends.

3) She doesn’t like it and feels you can’t be friends anymore (very unlikely unless you shoved your hands down her pants.)

Seducing a friend into a lover is a lot like boiling a live frog.... you can't just toss her into a pot of boiling water, she’ll jump out. Instead you must turn up the heat slowly so that she doesn’t even notice until its too late (you’re married.)

You must escalate your sexual relationship slowly so that she can feel comfortable with each stage.

This is why there are 5 steps. The first 4 steps help stop her assumptions that you’re just friends without freaking her out.

This last step is all about taking action... the action you neglected at the start of the relationship.

Finally, pick a night you can both hang together and escalate:

Pick a night for food and drinks. Call her up and ask her if she’s busy Thursday night from 6 till 10 because you have some fun plans for just the two of you. She’ll want to know more, but refuse to tell her because it’ll make it less fun.

Suggest what she should wear. This is a fun one. Simply say, Can you wear those ridiculous jeans you have that make your ass look great, and cute top, and some comfy casual shoes.

How to Escape The Friendzone in Just 5 Steps

Pick her up. This helps put you in the position of driver, and invites her to follow your lead. Its subtle but it counts.

Touch her all night. Give her a bug hug hello. Help her out of the car by offering her your hand. Help her step up the curb by offering her hand. Carefully pull some link from her hair. Guide her to your restaurant table by giving her your arm (like a gentleman.) Before the food comes give her a fake-palm reading session where you can comfortably hold her hands on the table while you playfully touch them and caress them.

Whisper once in her ear. Say nothing about her appearance until the middle of your date. Then you should suddenly lean across the table, slowly like you know a secret that you don’t want the waiter to know, and wait until she pulls in close, then whisper in her ear with as much hot breath as possible, "You seriously look amazing tonight in your dress, I could just eat you for desert. " Then lean back and keep eating like you said nothing special.

Be Playful. Google fun dating games and you’ll discover a world of fun games you can play with her. My favorite is the Questions game. Basically these are the rules. 1) You can ask any question in the WORLD, but you can’t ask a question that’s already been asked. 2) You can't lie.. if you don’t want to share that’s fine, but you can't lie. 3) She goes first.

Good questions you can ask before her: How many women have you slept with? She’ll laugh and say, “None, how many have you slept with?” to which you say, “Oh, rule number one! You can’t ask that, I already did!”

– Once she’s shown you three signs of interest, it’s time to kiss her.

Here are some typical indicators of interest:

- She hits your arm a lot when you make her laugh (cause you’re teasing her.)
- She leans into your body when you lean away from hers.
- She reciprocates physical contact, by holding your hand, hugging you back, and even whispering in your ear.
- She gives you compliments.
- She laughs a little too much at your jokes.
- She gives you good eye contact.
- She’s willing to join you on a mysterious adventure of any kind, including the dinner you’ve invited her on.
- She tells you dirty secrets about herself when playing the Questions Game. She might even say, I can't believe Im telling you this.
- She finds reasons to touch your arm, legs, shoulders, or chest.
. - She gives you a lot of her attention.

The key here is to kiss her right after you both share a great laugh.

Thats it.

There are two mindsets you can have:

MINDSET 1) She’s a beautiful female friend who you’ll eventually seduce, and therefore you’ll always be happy to spend time with, but you’ll always be leading and escalating when appropriate (respecting the boundaries she gives you.) Think of Larry from Threes Company. The girls knew he was always trying to get into their pants, but he had fun with it (non-threatening.)

MINDSET 2) She’s just a friend and will always be just a friend. You can still enjoy the sexual energy she inspires within you without spending time fantasizing about getting her. This is also a healthy alternative. The wrong mindset is one that leaves you alone each night thinking about her.

You’d be amazed at how great women are at changing their minds based on how they feel so its up to you to seduce her emotional body by LEADING and ESCALATING.

I wish you the breast of luck!

~ Robby

P.S. I've spent years writing and creating video courses on the topic of women and dating, so please check out my Author's Page for links and more info!

How to Escape The Friendzone in Just 5 Steps
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    Probably if you have to come up with this entire scheme to "attempt" to get out of the friendzone, you're probably there for a reason, and that reason will remain. One cannot fake attraction. If that chemistry is not there usually from the jump, it's not going to be there a month down the road when someone realizes, they are just a friend. It is an absolute turn off when some guy you consider to be a nice friend suddenly "shifts" his attitude to some weird vibe where he's trying to get with you. It's very uncomfortable because you don't see him that way and you do actually want his friendship, and nothing more. I think these schemes and scenarios only work if a girl has recently broken up or has a broken heart where she is literally a lot more vulnerable and probably looking for someone/thing to distract her in that moment, and then it just turns into an awful rebound for the guy rather than a lasting relationship.
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    • bobair

      It sounds like you've been hurt in the past, and that sucks.

      There's nothing here that's a scheme. I'd suggesting that if a guy is into a girl that he's friends with he needs to stop pretending he's not, and instead express himself in as an attractive way as possible, and then express his natural and honest feelings. Not through something like words or letters or flowers, but instead through his actions.

      I've met plenty of women who were friends with a guy and then one day he was suddenly an attractive option. There's nothing wrong with people falling in love slowly, or suddenly.

      Your suggestions of choosing a time when she's vulnerable or distracted are sad, and have nothing to do with my take.

      And there's nothing uncomfortable with a true friend suddenly finding you hot and attractive. What's uncomfortable is when he's shown his intentions, you've said no thanks, and he continues to harass you. And no where am I suggesting that.

    • Skateranon

      We girls and guys can rarely be just friends. Most guys that you hang out with are attracted to you there is always the rare case that isn't but it's a hugeminority

    • Anonymous

      "It sounds like you've been hurt in the past?" Did you read that line in a Psych rag mag? You've written this from your male POV, but for those on the other end of things, aka women---if one wonders why one stays in a friend zone, it's because we want a friend! It's not complicated. There should be no assumption made that just because a girl doesn't like or want you in that way, that there is something wrong with you or her, which is often where this sort of conversation/interaction goes. Sometimes, girls just want a friendship and nothing more.

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  • AlienParasite
    I think it's a bit more complex and that the person should know what kind of girl is he approaching, because some tips would get some girls but would totally freak out other girls.

    I think the best thing a guy can do is stop idealizing a girl. That girl poops too. Love yourself, keep meeting new people, be honest, always improve yourself to become the person you would like to be. Don't make a girl the center of your world, be the center of your world. Don't behave as if you were incomplete, you are complete, realize it. Beign confident it's a key to like other people.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • coachTanthony
    The friendzone is a psychological place in which you put yourself when you behave like a friend with the person you like, because you don't have the courage to behave otherwise. So unless you work on your confidence and get some courage.. it won't matter what advice you get. Good take!
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  • NineBreaker
    While I feel you're overanalyzing things here, I generally agree with you. I think the most important quote in all of this is when you said:
    "The real reason you're in this mess is because you didn't have the balls to make your move."
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  • Cynicaldreamer
    Okay, that's great advice for a guy trying to escape the friendzone, but what about if you're a female that constantly gets put in the friendzone- how does a female escape or avoid the friendzone?
    • That is a really good question. I doubt following the same steps will will have the same success. But I do know that men typically suck at noticing when a girl is into them.

    • Literally flip the script.

    • Skateranon

      I recommend trying to get him to see you in a sexual manner but still treat him very very sweetly. Make sure he knows the special treatment is just for him. The moment he can picture you naked but has a soft spot for you you are golden.

      Note that if you're wayyy to sexual he could also put you in the "fuck only " list so read him well

  • Logorithim
    Nice Take, but my advice would simply be Step 4- it's easier than trying to break out of the friendzone.
  • Ellie-V
    Moral of the story: manipulate and scheme to get what you want instead of moving on with your life life a normal person...
    I don’t condone this bullshit advice, but thanks for sharing your thoughts ☺️
    • bobair

      I'm confused by this.

      I'm suggesting a guy stop pretending to be uninterested in a girl and instead get his shit together in order to express his real feelings and intentions.

      How is that being a more attractive and honest a "scheme"?

      Manipulation is about pretending to be something you're not. Sorta like how women wear makeup. ;)

    • Ellie-V

      Some people wear makeup to be something they’re not, some people wear makeup for a creative outlet.
      I do believe that your advice is manipulative but it’s fine that you don’t agree. Your methods of attraction aren’t really my cup of tea but maybe scheming does work for a lot of guys, I wouldn’t know.
      I shouldn’t have come off like I was trying to bash you, so I apologize for that.

  • Hurlyburly
    It was a good read but to me it sounds kind of like over-complicating things... So far, every one of my relationships started off as friendships but neither of the guys did any of the stuff you mentioned here.

    I do not think that friendzone would be the right word here by the way since you aren't referring to guys which already got rejected with a let's-be-friends-instead statement.
    • bobair

      You could be right actually... I wonder if there's a different wording or approach I should have taken... like... how to be your most attractive self before she wants to be just friends. That's a long title. I'm open to suggestions!

    • Hurlyburly

      Maybe something along "how to get your female friend to want you" or "how to turn a friendship into something more"? Since to me its not a friendzone but a friendship as long as no one tried to make more of it. Like it could just aswell be that the girl already does like you more but is too shy to admit it or is afraid of rejection herself.

  • CherryRoseChampange
    My man got out the friendzone in a simple way. He respected that he was there to begin with. With Every man I've ever dated they were a friend first.

    Why? So I could overtime get to know them freely and decide if I wanted to be more with them. I rather be with a man who was my best friend first then the love of my life so it builds on top.

    The best thing my man said to me when I told him I wanted to be friends after he kept trying was:

    "I want you. You know that. And not because of your body, I want your time and interest. I want your mind and heart. Your personality and silly parts. Your weird and dark parts too. So I won't be pretend I don't. But I'll respect what you want. So if you want me to keep being your friend I'm here for you, always. But know that even though I want you and I care for you I won't wait for you romantically. When you miss your mark there is no going back. So just be sure of your decisions and how long you need to keep deciding if you want more. You have my number if you need anything. Take care. "
    • He delivered it passionately and genuinely. And he always kept his word on things. He made me think about being with him more. He wasn't pushing anymore either he just kept being my friend. And it made me respect and want more then. Sometimes it just takes time. No need to scheme it all depends.

    • VIVANT

      That’s awesome direct but but patient but not in a self sabotaging way... that’s hkwud lke to hsndle friendship where I lke someone more - if it happens to me. Not bc I think it will work as in I get the guy ( somehow I feel this would not be as appealing to guys) , but it will feel really good going out with dignity and knowing I have thugs a chance 😉

      So how long from the time of speech did you take to decide and was he still single when you made your decision?

      How long did you knkw each other overall?

    • With his speech, eh took me about three days 💀💀💀😆😆😆😆😆. And we knew each other going on like half a year then. It's about three years now that we've been together. And yes he was still single when I made the decision. 😅😅😅

  • AnastasiaLane
    The friendzone is there for a reason. It's not because you're too friendly with a woman or whatever reason, it's because she's not interested in you to begin with. She can't imagine you in any other place than the friendzone. Lust at first sight is a thing. If a man who wasn't my type tried all of this, it wouldn't have worked one bit. We friendzone the men we're not attracted to or interested in.
    • Nice PFP, Sailor Mars, right?
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • Agree. You've good points. Doing things wouldn't work at me either if I wasn't interested in the first place.

  • wingattebaby16
    The hang with/date other women thing works!

    I really notice when a guy friend starts dating someone else and then talks about how great the date was... instant jealousy. If this guy is so dateable, why am i just being his friend?

    And girls love a guy that takes initiative... like that line of NO, but i will pick you at 630pm and wear those skinny jeans that make you look HOT!

    That says to me this guy knows what he wants!! and he thinks i look HOT in my skinny jeans!! YES!!
    • marlowe90

      from urban dictionary: "Preselection is a principle which dictates that women are more attracted to men that seem attractive to other women."

  • passinby
    I agree with.. Step 4: Meet Other Women. BUT then just stay with the other women because if you are in this so called "friend zone" you will never get out because she has experienced a side of you she should have never and that will never go away.
  • RolandCuthbert
    I told Step4 to these people here and I can't tell you how many men complained about it. They simply do not accept women are attracted to men who attract women.

    To All the Men Who Think They Have Been Friendzoned, Passed Over, etc. Here is a Little Advice... ↗
  • KuroAide
    I don't think I have a reason to speak here but there is no such thing as escaping something that just is true... you either are friends with someone or you are not... it is a very simple truth and it cannot really be changed... and it would not bode well or make sense for one to try to.
  • LegateLanius
    I can escape it in one. Just don't be their friend when they reject me.
    • bobair

      Hahahaha! Well I can sorta see the logic in that!

      I think most guys in the FRIENDZONE never get to the rejected stage because they never take enough steps for her to even say "no thanks"


    • I always get to the rejected stage and say "thanks anyway"

    • bobair

      That's a solid man move. I like it.

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  • ashleyb93
    Or you could

    1.) Respect the fact that she's not into you and move on.

    That's it. You're done.
  • MissGee212
    I have no problem showing a guy know I'm interested in him. I'm completely straightforward. When a guy is in "friendzone" with me, it's because he's putting himself in that place. He can choose to leave or stay.
  • sockandshoes
    what kind of bullshit “taming” list is this? if she sees you as a friend and not a partner move on.
  • yeeeeeeeet
    Im sorry fellas but if she doesn't think you're hot you're never getting out of the "friendzone." It's honestly the not-attracted zone. If you try to force your way out you get called desperate.. if she thinks you're attractive you'll know in time. Probably.
  • emmily2396
    Look, if you're in the friendzone it meams 2 things:
    1. she's not attracted to you either physically or mentally.
    2. You didn't show her your good side
  • JMghow
    Meh... I can do it in one step: Ditch the bitch. Done. Women who keep men on the line for the benefits (aka resources) are toxic, entitled users who do not see men as even being people with feeling and therefore are not worth dating. You should not have to teach a woman decency and respect, and few men (if any) have ever succeeded in the attempt... Ask any divorce lawyer. If you must date, date a good girl from the start.
  • latinabutterfly96
    Or... move on, because clearly you don’t value the friendship with her.
    • Women get a lot more out of a “friendship” with a guy than vice versa. A LOT more.

    • I thought a friendship wasn’t one sided. If you’re there at her every wish and whim, you are her slave and you’re getting used. Not her friend.

  • englisc
    Great take. Yeah I think that the main thing that holds most guys back and lands them in the friend-zone is this lack of sexuality and fear of showing interest.
  • Athena374
    If you are friend zoned she obviously doesn’t like you like that so why do the most just to get rejected?
    • bobair

      I'm using the word Friendzone here as an unexpressed purgatory where the guy has never expressed his real interest.

      Obviously if she's already said "don't pursue me" then he should let go of his romantic intentions and either remain cool friends or move on.

      I'm just suggesting guys start being more play and fun and HONEST instead of hiring their true intentions. :P

    • Athena374

      Okay 🤷‍♀️ a lot of guys don’t do that tho.

    • bobair

      Ah yes, that's a problem. :(

  • BluesheepOwl
    Can girls do this too if they are in the friendzone with a guy? Or is this only for guys who are in the friendzone?
    • Ha ha. We need more mytakes on female perspective too. Right?

  • Wifflesnoofer63
    Never allow yourself to be put in the friend zone in the first place. Every female you meet, if you are sexually attracted to her, let her know and make your move. If she reciprocates you get to bone her for a while, if not move on and don't look back. She is dead to you with that moment.
  • Belgie
    Sum up
    Step 1 : Stop being her FRIEND.
    Step 4 - Start seeing other women.

    That's it. You don't need the other shit.

  • Aynsof
    Or just skip all that and go try to meet someone who you don't need to manipulate to get them to like you in a romantic sense?
  • goaded
  • Angiekat
    Or just accept that she isn't attracted to you and respect the fact she has no go obligation to.
    • AlgaeEater

      Or just accept that he doesn't want to be your friend and will not be your friend. Why should you get what you want when he doesn't get what he wants.

    • Angiekat

      @AlgaeEater it's simple.

      And how is she trying to force him into a friendship he doesn't want?

      If he is there trying to get her to like him, after she stated she is noy interested it's his choice.

      In one situation someone wants to get something the other is not willing to give.

      No one is entitled to sex or a relationship just because they feel unilateral attraction.

  • genericname85
    i have a shorter one. it just needs one step:

    1. stop being friends.
  • Reggieray
    Great take, but not being a pussy in the first place really helps.
  • curiousnorway
    It's very simple. Either she's attracted to you or she isn't. If she's attracted to you, dating would be possible. If she isn't attracted to you, none of these things would work. Regardless if it's a man or a woman, if they're not attracted to you at all, they won't easily change their mind. You should rather just accept it and move on!

    It's your choice if you wants to stay in the friendship or not. She can't force you. You can't force her into a relationship either.

    I've friend zoned people and regardless of how hard they tried, I didn't change my mind. One of them quit being a friend with me and I thinks it's up to that person. I think this would apply to both genders.
  • Pauliho
    What loser still hangs around when he's in the friendzone? He should just move on and find someone else
  • Sparda20xx
    It's easy to escape the friend zone. Stop being a tool, find someone hotter and move on
  • stormbreaker06

    How to Escape The Friendzone in Just 5 Steps
  • unomilkis1
    Or just kick fucking rocks and not stay there and be available to be taken advantage of !
    • bobair

      Lol, ya that's exactly right. Either seduce her into more than friends by being attractive and fun, and showing your true interest. Or move on. Sticking around and pretending you're a super nice guy while she walks all over you makes no sense!

  • Skateranon
    How bout this? Instead of trying to get out the friend zone focus of not getting in it in the first place. How? Simple.

    You meet a girl you like be direct and honest that you're attracted.

    When you do this she can:

    - say yes and you can start dating.

    - ignore you

    - or say let's just be friends.

    If she says the friend one you can say " no thanks Im interested in you as a woman not a friend"

    What guys don't realize is they can reject to be a girls friend if they want to and settle for suffering in the sideline watching her cry and date other guys.

    Unless you're gonna be her friend for real (which let's be honest you won't because you're attracted to her) the. Just walk away. Simple she said no it's not gonna happen.

    So basically what guys gotta do is stop being wussies
  • QuiteACoolUsername
    Such an excellent take 👍

    So many great points that work:
    1. Be playful
    2. Innocent touches
    3. Take lead and the initiative (Don't be a pushover)

    Remember, guys if a girl is friendzoning you... most probably you were treating her merely as a friend or she's not attracted to you.

    You can follow these steps because we sometimes change our minds (for example I'm more likely to fall for a longtime friend than with a complete stranger). But at the end of the day, remember that not because you are decently nice to us, we owe you an access in our pants. 😊
  • chnapo
    Dude, print and sell this. You can save so many guys, maybe even save lives.
  • Shahid757
    Nice take.
    It is really helpful to avoid friendzone which has become serious problem
  • RobLovesDemi19771992
    Dude thats got to be the biggest bunch of bullshit i have ever read. you're making it WAY harder than what it actually is. If a woman is interested in you and likes you she’ll let you know but in order to see if you're compatable with her there's a little something you have to fo first its called TALKING AND GETTING TO KNOW HER AS A PERSON AND NOT AS A SEX OBJECT. All you pua’s are so full of fucking shit i dont even know where to begin explaining how full of shit all you pua’s advise really is. If a woman is physically attracted to you she’ll let you know in subtle ways ie grooming herself brushing her hair eye contact coming close to you so you can check her out and TALK TO HER yes again i said those magical words TALK TO HER AND GET TO KNOW HER without any of those cheesy pickup lines that never work. If i could go out there and bitchslap every pua i would for giving such shitty advise
  • 3rdSrike
    dude no need to complicate it this much, dress good, smell good and dont be her friend
  • Gangstaelephant
    If your hot enough, you never get into that problem.
  • WhoDatGuy
    What women say and what they respond to are 2 very different things
  • BonnieBunny
    here's how to do that in one step

  • krogaan
    but i like the friends zone why would i want to leave i want friends :D
  • Tslaveee
    All these women getting pissed yet are dying wishing that their friend will finally notice them
    step 4 is very powerful
  • LeoElias
    Basically a post for beta dudes
    • Silver158

      should be good for you then lol

    • LeoElias

      @Silver158 says the 32 year old. Doing great things with your time

    • Silver158

      Coming from the 24 year old doing the same things with his time *shakes head* lol

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  • Massageman
    Interesting stuff. Thanks!
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • ROCKS128
    The 1st point is all that is needed.
  • grega239
    save your self the bother and go with number 4