'Women are not as visual as men' is a HUGE myth. Agree?

Why do people say that women are not as visual as men? It seem like women are definitely as visual, and sometimes even more than men.

Taking GAG as an example, most females here say that they wouldn't even consider dating a guy who they don't find physically attractive, even if he has an amazing personality. Its like they just dismiss a guy based on looks alone, before even knowing about him and obviously can't go back even if they come to know he has other things (other than looks) going for him.

Not just GAG, but even elsewhere women in general obviously wouldn't want to date someone who isn't attractive by their their standards.

So why are people (both men and women) under the illusion that women are not as visual as men, although nothing could be further from the truth?

Both guys and girls are most welcome to vote and answer. And please refrain from getting personal or saying nasty, unwarranted stuff because this is a just a general question and I'm looking to gain some insight into it.

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  • What most women say they want is bullshit. What they say and what they go for are always two different things. I have a bunch of female friends and witness this from the insiders perspective all the time. Goes for the same kind of guy non stop, but always gives me a bullshit story how this time she likes this, or that, when the last time she liked that.
    Women have no idea what their desires are. Only the ones who openly examine themselves and look at the statistics objectively can tell you the truth. So don't listen to women, that's the dumbest thing you can do when trying to seduce them.

    Now onto your question.
    If women were visual like you, they'd be watching p*rn, not reading it. If they were visual like you they wouldn't care what kind of clothes you're wearing in order to decide whether you're attractive. They'd want to see you naked. If women were as visual as men, they'd be attracted to pretty boys, not manly looking guys with beards and plain clothes.

    Women are attracted to ideas. They don't care about WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, but about WHAT YOUR LOOKS TELL HER ABOUT YOUR POWER.

    Women are attracted to power: social influence, dominance of your character, financial, physical strength, mental prowess, humor, innovativeness, etc.

    What your looks tell her about your potential power will be attractive.
    That's why you can have a pretty boy "nice guy", who gets no girls.
    And a weird looking "asshole" who gets the girls.

    No we are not as visual as men and the only reason a girl will say that shit is if she's been convinced it's what she likes by society. And society is as you know, shaped by feminism who chants the propaganda of how men and women are the same.

    • I agree with this women.

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    • Well that's disappointing. I have always thought women viewed us men the way we view women. I guess I won't feel loved anymore if all women care about is personality and not how physically attractive a man is.

    • I recently asked a similar question and all the women say that women are also visual. Which is a good thing, because now I can feel love again.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well I believe it is not a myth. I have talked with dating coaches and such, one of their big teachings for guys is that girls aren't as visual as guys. This is why;

    Time and time again i keep seeing and hearing of women dating guys not attractive or sub-par, and these are women that are 8+
    One of my school teachers has everyone forthing over her, just recently found out her boyfriend is really ugly. Everyones reactions are WTF.
    My previous crush, a beautiful girl that has guys longing for her. The night before i found out who her crush was, i was looking at this guy and said to myself;
    "She wouldn't like him because he isn't attractive at all". Next day i found out HE did not want her and she was going nuts over him.
    My Ex, extremely beautiful girl. I asked her straight out after we werent together, "Why do girls like you want ripped guys". She said she wasn't interested in that at all as long as the guy was good. 2 months later was shocked at her BF and how such a beautiful girl was going out with him.
    Finally myself. Literally today people and friends were super jealous and wondering how on earth i pulled off a 9-10/10, and did not believe me, andim not very attractive.
    Even on GaG i have seen questions on what girls prefer and most choose personality traits such as funny etc, over looks.

    This does not mean that girls are attracted to guys not so good. They may avoid them because they could have limitations (no offence e. g large people). But if a guy knows what he's doing, Is reliable, funny and such he can score what other guys would dream of or call IMPOSSIBLE. I have done it. Not all girls are the same e. g. Rich girls, playboy girls, money hungry girls. But majority will choose a man with leadership qualities and such which is taught or comes naturally.. Peace!

    • So women don't find us men attractive? This is why I currently don't feel loved by women, women only care about our personality and our looks. How can a woman love a man only for his personality? I find difficult to consider that love. I would really hope that "women aren't visual" is a myth.

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    • I messed up my second sentence, I meant to say "only personality" not looks.

    • I asked a similar question, all the women said that they are visual as well. That makes me feel loved by women again.

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What Girls Said 7

  • That's not really what I take "visual" to mean in context. It usually means that sexually, a woman doesn't get aroused by things she sees as much as a man would. That's why a lot of guys don't get why we (well, many of us) don't care for it when a dude sends us dick pics.

    Women are still capable of determining what they do and don't find attractive but in general women can't just look at a guy walking down the street and get turned on by it.

  • That depends entirely on the woman as cliché as that sounds. You have women that are instantly turned on. Then you have women that need more to be turned on. Then you have women that aren't turned on at all by looks.
    I for one am visual but for some reason I sense that I am a rarity.

  • I think a lot of women in real life will tell men that, to boost their confidence. On equal ground with the visual attraction is the amount of confidence a man has. So if he is feeling down about his looks, we aren't going to tell him we are all about the visuals. Instead by telling him that "it's what's on the inside that matters" he will gain confidence, which in the end WILL get someone to be attracted to him.

    • So you mean to say, a average-looking man with good confidence can attract almost ANY woman, even if she doesn't find him physically attractive?

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    • *I will consider it love.

    • This is weird because when I asked a question that was similar to this, all the women said that they are visual.

  • Idk, but what I know is what arouses me sexually has much more to do with what I feel (physical touch), what I hear, and what I imagine, rather than what I see. Although I find my boyfriend incredibly attractive, I don't actually get horny just by looking at him. It seems like guys can get horny just by looking at girls though. So, shrug, take this as you will.


  • because when a guy meets a girl, within five minutes, he has put her into a category that will forever decide the fate of their relationship, and that category is the 1 through 10 hotness scale.

    when a girl meets a guy, she might think he's "ew." however, time may pass, and he might grow on her. as he grows on her, she might start to fall for his personality, and that raises his hotness scale. in other words, it's not fixed for women. if all the elements are in place and the timing is right, they might go on a date, and then it could lead to more.

    not trying to give friendzoned peeps any hope here though. backing off is an invaluable skill.

  • By "visual" they don't mean "shallow and obsessed with looks" it means that they take in visual information more and are more turned on by visuals than anything else, hence erotic fiction for women and p*rn for men.

    I think the sexes are equally as concerned with the looks of the opposite sex... kinda. it depends on age. Women basically always have the same standards for looks; guys are typically very shallow when they're teens and progessively become less shallow.

    Is it shallow to not date someone you are not attracted to? No. No one should have to date someone they feel zero spark with. Attraction is important, but that doesn't mean that it's the mosy important.

    • Does this mean that ab average-looking man with great confidence and amazing personality still has no chance with women, because obviously 'looks' are seen first by anyone, and those who don't have it are dismissed instantly?

    • No, that's not what that means.
      Almost all people are average looking. Do you think they all die alone? No. Like, I realize that some of the guys I find attractive are considered "average looking" because beauty is subjective in some ways. There's nothing wrong with being average... we almost all are...
      But my point is you don't have to be above average super good looking. Average people can get dates. But why do you expect someone to date a person they feel no attraction to...

What Guys Said 7

  • i think as far how a woman regards a man, the overall impression is not so much optical as it is symbolically impactful.. i know, bullshit right? but...

    instead of cinematic experience he might exude an aura of power, strength, dominance and ability to protect and provide for the 'herd'. if these are not there then she might as well be looking at a post card.

    now if you want to extend it to arousal, then she must be receptive to his advances. again, she is seeking a mate who can overall be a lord of the jungle and can produce children for her.

    • Now this is a sensible and well thought out answer. Does this mean most women are willing to date a man who they don't find physically attractive, if he has other qualities they desire?

    • ah that is the age old question, about which i probably have a clunky answer..
      if you mean the woman is willing to be approached, then it is a matter of him being able to overpower any evaluative resistance she may have. he comes at her straight on, damn the torpedos full speed ahead. what she sees coming at her is like a missile whatever the level of decoration. if he is powerful enough he might hit her before she even sees it coming. in the aftermath she can only hope he lives up to the promise of herdmaster. in that stage i guess it comes down to her wondering if she has been deceived versus his commitment to doing he has
      implied all along, be her total and ideal mate.
      labyrinthine as it may seem, sometimes the most important is are just that.

  • I think i largely agree with you. I have yet to see any indication that women are less visually shallow than men are. Just look at women when it comes to height requirements alone. The reason why the myth is perpetuated so much I think is because it gives men a false sense of security, so they keep approaching girls and trying their luck, which is what most women want anyways. Whether they like you or not, being approached is a boost for their self confidence, so i would expect many women to tell guys that they value looks as much as men do. But I personally believe that men and women are equally shallow... and on certain issues (like race and height), they may even be worse than men. That's just my honest opinion on the matter

    • Yes, your answer makes perfect sense!

    • correction: i wouldn't* expect women to tell guys that they value looks as much as men do

      Now, i do think confidence plays a role in whether a woman likes you or not, but I think its overstated. Confidence gets you to the door, but only the woman in question can open it. What makes her decide to open it for you goes beyond having the courage to approach her

    • btw, i should probably add that women aren't as easily "turned on" as men are. Commiedearest made a good point about that. What I'm talking about though is what you referenced in the details of your question concerning what men and women look for when selecting an SO

  • I think women are more visual.
    If you don't look like you could make her girlfriends jealous of her, your chances are limited.

  • I have confidence. That gets me everything I ever dreamed of and discards any negative thought that chains me to society's cliché of what it thinks I should be.

  • Women mainly just care about a guy's money, social status and social power

    • If they are visual is it probably sucks for them since guys are so ugly.

  • A man and a woman stand naked in front of each other, looking at each other's bodies. The man is instantly 100% ready for action while the woman needs more. She needs touch, words, music, candles... the visual stimulation is not enough to get her ready for sex. The defense rests.

    Visual stimulation is less important in overall attraction for women than men, period.

  • If you are confident you can pretty much get into any girls pants, just watch simple pickup on YouTube, those dudes aren't the best looking guys but they are confident and get a fuck ton of numbers

    • Watched that video, and it just confirms what you said!

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    • Hehehe! Well... I can't really get laid right now because I'm demisexual, and I haven't dated in more than 4 years due to severe lack of confidence and insecurity about my supposed;y 'average' looks. So I first need to date someone and get into a committed relationship before I can get laid! :P

    • I see, I'm pretty much the same, I don't really want to be with someone unless I have a strong connection with them, but this would be a good way to open up new doors and get some numbers that could lead to something more