I Truly Believe My Boyfriend's Sister Is Attracted To Him?

I am 20 years old. My boyfriend is 21 years old. We have been dating for 10 months now. Over this past summer I spent it with him and his family. It was a DISASTER. I think the sole problem of this is that his at the time 15 year old sister looks at him more than a brother. It started with little things she wanted to dress like me and wear her hair styled like mine and would even wear my clothes. Now I know at first this sounds harmless and people may say she was just looking up to me but here is the kicker. Shortly after I arrived she made it very clear that she did not like me. So the question then arises why are you trying so hard to be like someone you don't like. Throughout the summer she continued to basically bully me. From threatening to put itching powder in my clothes to posting pictures of my boyfriends ex girlfriend on social media saying she was quote unquote "killing all you hoes". Where things really got suspicious about her feelings towards him was my birthday weekend. We went away to a hotel for the weekend. And although they never text of all weekends she picked that one to text him all day and night. It got to the point where my boyfriend stopped responding to her. Shortly he stopped he received a text from a texting app saying "I want to suck your dick tonight". Me being the girlfriend I am texted that number from a texting app acting like a coworker trying to find someone to see if the person would spill their real name. Unfortunately they responded saying sorry you have the wrong number and moved on. When we returned home my boyfriend brought up me texting the number in front of his sister. Later that day the number randomly texted me again saying "We fucked last summer so get over it" The most recent incident is She posted a flipagram of my boyfriend on IG as her MCM first of all he was shirtless in 9 of the 10 pics. even some were just of his abs she never identified him as her brother and said she was glad she "found" what most girls don't..
She's sexually attracted to her brother
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I Truly Believe My Boyfriend's Sister Is Attracted To Him?
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