I Almost Kissed My Best Friend's Sister!

Oh my god.

I'm still a bit in shock about the whole thing. I just dropped off my buddy, and his sister forgot something in the car. She comes in real close, and we were about to kiss. I have a girlfriend, she has a boyfriend. She's my best friend's sister!

I'm confused.

She obviously likes me, I obviously like her enough to hang out with her all the time and on top of that, I almost kissed her.

I'm confused. I don't know what's going on. Her brother saw us, and I have a double date with him and his date in two hours.

Update: got through my date, didn't feel as comfortable as I normally am. I called my best friends sister and asked her to meet me. I was going to tell her it was a mistake, when she actually kissed me. It was wrong, but it felt right.


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  • well I'm sure she's still in shock to! but ya you obviously like each other don't nearly kiss someone you don't like! it's complicated though since ye are both in relationships. you need to talk to her and the sooner the better if ye do decide that ye want to be together then you have to tell your partners there's no point in dragging something out and hurting them or even worse letting them hear it from someone else. her brother obviously didn't mind or he would have said something to one of the two of ye. maybe you should text her and ask her does she want to meet for a talk about what happened? if her brother brings it up tell him you like her your just confused honestly is the best policy esp when it comes to her brother! you need to act quickly because next time it mightened be an almost kiss and then you have to deal with the fact that you kissed her and you cheated on your girlfriend! best of luck!


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  • well then if it felt right to both of you , you have to decide what to do next there's no point in not being together if you really like each other you'll only regret it at least if you give it a shot and it dosen't work you'll have no regrets for not trying. your friend will have to deal with it neither of you are children and are both capable of making grown up decisions just do it quickly at the end of the day there are two other people involved both of your partners so just try and decide before they find out and complicate things more.


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  • Hey, don't worry, wasn't she old enough to be responsible, saying: "no"

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