I Almost Kissed My Best Friend's Sister!

Oh my god.

I'm still a bit in shock about the whole thing. I just dropped off my buddy, and his sister forgot something in the car. She comes in real close, and we were about to kiss. I have a girlfriend, she has a boyfriend. She's my best friend's sister!

I'm confused.

She obviously likes me, I obviously like her enough to hang out with her all the time and on top of that, I almost kissed her.

I'm confused. I don't know what's going on. Her brother saw us, and I have a double date with him and his date in two hours.
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Update: got through my date, didn't feel as comfortable as I normally am. I called my best friends sister and asked her to meet me. I was going to tell her it was a mistake, when she actually kissed me. It was wrong, but it felt right.
I Almost Kissed My Best Friend's Sister!
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