Saying something to the girl that stood me up for senior prom?

This past weekend was my senior prom. I'm single and I've never had a girlfriend before so I assumed my chances of finding a date were small. I asked several girls and they all said no. I asked this girl I tutor from my math class and she said yes. I was so excited she said yes! We got matching tux/dress and split other prom related costs.

The night before prom she called me and told me a family emergency came up and that she'll not be able to attend prom. I was crushed but I told her I hope everything is fine. She apologized and sounded sad. I decided not to go to prom.

Anyway, fast forward to today, I noticed that she posted pics on facebook and instagram from her at prom with another guy. I almost cried when I saw this. I'll see her tomorrow in class and I'm wondering if I should say anything? I was thinking of saying, I'm glad your emergency was taken care of and I'm sorry I misplaced my phone, because I knew you said yes to me when I asked you out instead of him (the guy she ended up with). Would it be rude if I said this to her? I'm used to rejection by girls but in this case a simple no thanks, or you're not my type would have been fine with me.
Saying something to the girl that stood me up for senior prom?
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