Do things change after you have sex? Do guys love their girlfriends more after sex?

I'm in a new relationship and we have not had sex yet. I like him very much and I'm starting to fall for him. For me things change after sex. I become more attached or closer to my partner and mpre in love. When guys have sex with their girlfriends do things change? Do they feel closer to her , more protective and love her more?


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  • In simple words, no! It's unlikely he will love you more. He either loves you, or he is only looking forward to having sex with you.

    I think you have to gauge how much you trust him, and how long you've been together. If you are unsure of him, it is unlikely you will make him love you just by offering sex.

    Take care, stay safe!!


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  • Feelings do intensify after having sex, but if he did not have feelings before he most likely will not afterwards either


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  • No, when they get what they want they leave

    • That's a very depressing view of the world you got there :(

    • I guess, but wasn't 100% serious either