How do you tell him you miss him without sounding needy?

Yes, i am 40 and i am asking a this question.
maybe some youth here are wiser than me in these types of things...


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  • Communication is essentiat in any relationship, from platonic friends to husband and wife. Most relationship problems start with a lack of communication.

    If you miss a guy, keep it straight and simple. "I miss you" is all it takes! Simple and says exactly what you mean. If the situation requires it, you can qualify this statement by adding a reason, your hopes for the future, or whatever applies. No one can criticise you for being straight and honest.

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    • @HookingSwan Thanks! This is something my mum, bruv and I have discussed for a long time. It stems from being encouraged to ask questions in a straight forward manner as childen.

    • I see

      Good parents ;)

      I think that I dont exactly have that habit with my parents, because somehow it is more daunting to do so with someone that has the best intentions for u, but might act in not the mist adequate manner if they find some stuff about u that they dont exactly agree with. Dk if I am making sense.

      I have cultivated this habit more with my boyfriend and is partly because of him. He has always encouraged me to do sorry rom the beginning :)

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  • I think you have to mute your pride a little and just say that "I, miss, you".
    That's it. That's what makes things happen.

  • So telling someone you miss them is sounding needy? Just tell him you miss him! Wasn't expecting something like this from a 40 year old though

  • The best way would be hugging the person and telling them that you miss them..!


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  • well, if it sounds needy or not depends mostly on the tone of voice you say it with..."I miss you" in itself is not needy. My bet is anyone who cares for you would like to hear that.
    if you use a whiny voice it sounds needy.
    if you say it just like you would say "I think I'll get myself a cup of coffee", then it doesn't sound needy...
    I hope this makes sense lol

  • When I miss him I send him a message like:

    Heeey! Don't make me miss you too much. Get your stuffs sorted soon. You owe me a catch up! ;)

    I just send it once and without an expectation that he'll reply. I don't send another message when he doesn't reply. At least you have told him that you miss him and it's up to him if he'll catch up or not. Just don't expect and be genuinely happy for whatever he is up to at the moment. Guys get to miss girls who are independently happy haha.


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