Who was the most beautiful girl you ever saw?

I did saw the most beautiful girl so far... she was somali i think and she was absolutely STUNNING, she had gorgeous sun kissed tan and thick black loooong wavy hair and hair facial futures were sharp! she had a very regal look, i instantly almost hahaha fell in love with her beauty and i am even a girl! she was just walking past me and it was like a whiteblack/arab kinda mix and i thought she was just gorgeeeeeouuus after that i haven't met many girls that look that or thought they were that beautiful! tell me yours:)


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  • There was a time I thought Maggie q was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen haha. But then I met a girl who destroyed that idea.

    Long brunette hair, the softest, warmest golden brown eyes that instantly captures you and locks you in a different reality of purity and kindness. Soft thin lips that purse and pucker in such fashion you WANT to kiss her passionately, or laugh at the cute facial expression they're helping make.

    Body that isn't perfect, but so captivating and curved so gorgeously that it appears that way at every angle.

    This beauty wasn't recognized by me instantly. I wasn't drawn at first glance, but just one day she talked to me and...


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  • Megan Ory and Ginnifer Goodwin are absolutely stunning.

  • one of my cousins. sososososososososossoososo hot. cute. gorgeous. stunning. everyone else melts into the wallpaper when she's around :) she's so sweet and kind too.


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