Would bed wetting be a deal breaker for you?

I was sexually abused when i was younger, and grew up in a rough home. I don't like to use those things as an excuse for anything but i do get horrible night terrors. They started when i was ten and have always made me wet the bed, Not every not, but often enough. Sometimes a few times awake, when i'm lucky sometimes just a couple times a month. I have seen doctors, and have tried treatments and have experimented myself on ways to fix or conrol it for years. Nothing has helped. Now i'm dating a really sweet amazing guy. He knows just because i have stayed at his house and didn't want him to have to deal with that. He always says it's fine but i've been lucky enough to not have had it happen at his house. If it does i'm scared he'll see me differently or want to break up. Any advice at all? I have considered never dating. Honestly. He always is so sweet and caring with me though.
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also if he ever wanted me to wear like protection i would. i hate adult diapers they are the least sexy thing. i have worn them on family trips though and would for him. i'd do anything. I just don't want to gross him out or lose him
Would bed wetting be a deal breaker for you?
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