I am skinny but I like curvy girls. Help?

I am a skinny guy and all the girls who have ever been interested in me are either skinny or fit, athletic and tall. Lots of them are considered very hot but for some reason I have always been attracted to soft curvy/ chubby girls who don't work out. I just can't imagine being with a bony or muscular girl. But bigger girls don't like me! I am attractive and smart, I have a deep voice but my skinniness ruins it all. They sometimes call me weak though I am not.
I try to become bigger but it's very hard with my genetics. Do I have to settle for hot skinny girls or there is any chance for me to get a curvy girl?
You are skinny so you are destined to be with a skinny / fit girl.
You need to work out more.
You can still get a curvy girl even if you are skinny. (how?)
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I am skinny but I like curvy girls. Help?
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