My boyfriend is a lot richer than me, is this a problem?

My boyfriend comes from a really wealthy family and I come from a normal one considering the situation of my country (south Europe) but I study abroad where the standard is much higher and he is again considered super rich.
And he really likes spending a lot of money on clothes (basically three pairs of sneakers equal 6 months living allowance for me) and and I'm raised to think of every single penny to be put at a good use.

But I don't think he notices that much the money gap since he doesn't really think about the aspect of money, he never really cares who pays cause I don't think he realizes that other people actually care if sth is 2$ more or less expensive since all his friends are like him, plus I guess he thinks I'm richer than I am since I study abroad.

How big of an issue can this be, am I imagining a problem? by the way we are quite young, both 19


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  • Usually men are not into how much a woman makes. He more than likely got with you because you look attractive, and he pretty much went from there.


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  • Deal breaker. Rich people lack compassion and most of them are disgustingly narcisstic.. Ew


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