No kiss on the second date? Normal or not normal?

Had a good second date, had a great second date- both ended with hugs but second date more comfortable.

We hit hit it off on this second date, we both made eachother laugh really hard and we walked around for three hours just talking. Towards the end, I started touching his arm a lot and he would stop and look into my eyes. But at the end, we got quiet, but he just looked down and there was an awkward pause and then he just snapped out of it and went in for a hug. I would've sworn he was going to kiss me on this date. Was he just not into me? I would've made a move except I thought he was going to make one, when he didn't we just sort of parted ways quickly. And it sucks because he's leaving tomorrow for home for Summer Break. I might seem him in three weeks but for the most part I won't see him for three months so what the heck am I supposed to do now? Will he ghost me? Will he text? What is the socially appropriate thing to do here? Halp :(((
No kiss on the second date? Normal or not normal?
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