If I don't text him, will he miss me?

I feel like I'm always the one trying to contact him and make plans. I know it sounds like he wants nothing to do with me but we are actually very close and for a while all of our friends thought we were dating behind their backs. When I text him there's always a legit reason and he texts back for a little but then stops. If I stop texting him so often do you think he will eventually want to talk to me and he will start a conversation?


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  • yes, less texting will def make his mind tick...wouldnt it make yours?...wait that was a dumb question because look what you're doing...your mind is "ticking" yorue wondering why he doesn't respond fast enough, if you should stop doing it so often, etc...

    wouldnt you rather have him think this way? or at least think that he could be "losing" you...you want to show him that you have a life, yet that ur still into him...text him every now and then just to say what's up...he'll respond and say nothing much how bout you and you say something like nada...then just wait for him to contact you...you shouldnt ALWAYS be the one contacting him it should def go both ways,

    bottom line - keep it short and simple, don't over analyze, don't ALWAYS be the first to text, do something to keep you busy from always wondering what he is doing, relax and take things slow...you'll be fine!

    good luck


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  • That is going on with me. What I'm trying to do is not talking to him so often cause he could be working or doing other things. Just txt him maybe on weekends or something and like see if you guys could hang out cause some don't really like texting that much too