Should I be with a guy who's too traditional and conservative?

Hello everyone! So, my boyfriend and I (I'm 23, he's 29, in a relationship for half a year) have very different views on some things. He is very traditional and conservative when it comes to relationships (housewife and breadwinner roles of a woman and a man). He won't feel like doing any house chors as it's not a mans job. He believes man are intelectually superior to women and can't stand feminists (I am not a feminist myself, but I am pro-equality). He wants to get married and have kids very soon, while I don't feel ready. But he believes he can change me into wanting that too. Does this look like an acceptable way to think to you? Also, he's being overly sweet and cheesy to me (he would say "I love you" and very cheesy lines at least 10 times a day). This is a turn-off for me and 1 time a day saying or showing the love would be enough for me. More is something that makes me feel nauses, like I've eaten too much sugar. We did discuss this, but again - he feels like he can change me into being more "expressive". Matter of the fact is, I am not sure now whether this relationship can work or no, because I don't feel attracted to him since he's too traditional per my taste. Things that I like about him is that he always pays attention, very carring, always is ready to talk and listen. He is a very sweet guy, but I can't help but see him being overly sweet and clingy. Also, I don't find him to be very confident either (another turn-off). Am I being too critical and should keep on having this relationship or there is no potential? Maybe someone has or had same or similar experience, I'd love to listen to your opinions!
Should I be with a guy who's too traditional and conservative?
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