He isn't taking me to his friend's party, is it odd?


The guy I have been mutually and exclusively dating for the last 2.5 months is going to his friend's party and he has not invited me. He recently just told his friends about me, and says that he does not want to throw me into that already. They can be judgy and mean. It is it valid reason, or sounding like an excuse?


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  • To give this a bit of clarity I can understand where he MIGHT be coming from.

    My best friend is the last person I want to introduce anyone to. Because I always feel like things will go balls up and he will end up offending someone.

    It's possible that he simply thnks that you and his friends will not get along.

    Worst case scenario, alcohol and other girls at the party.

  • Yes that's a valid reason if he feels it's too soon that's his choice wtf lol


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