What happens when you stay single for TOO long?

What are the consequences of being single for too long? Tell me the pros and cons of not dating for months, a year, or longer.

As I approach the 12 year mark of being single, I've come to enjoy all the perks of being single to the point I find it harder to picture myself in a relationship.
If it happens? Great! But realistically I don't see it happening, lol.

What about you guys and girls? And for those of you that have been single for a while, do you see yourself ever dating or pursuing a relationship again if the right person comes along? Or are you content living your life the way it is now?
What happens when you stay single for TOO long?
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Holy crap, I did not expect so many replies to this question! I guess I need to ask more questions like this...

I promise I'm reading every single comment and taking notes! Thanks for your input, it really means a lot to me~
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Good for you!!! That is awesome. You have embraced being single and are happy! I agree with all the good and bad, especially people giving you crap for being single.

Try being single in your 30s... you get looked at like something is wrong with you! Nope, nothing.
I've even had women accuse me of being a lesbian 🤦‍♀️
So ignorant.

You just keep being your awesome self and do what makes YOU happy!
What happens when you stay single for TOO long?
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