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If a guy invites you to his home it is because he sees you as a hook?

This is a boundary hard for me to put. I will explain. I went on a date with a guy. We had chemistry and so, but he kissed me kind of passionate since that first date. Unfortunately, I was not able to set a boundary and not allow him to sit in my same chair, that was intrusive and I did not say anything. But this is the thing. Next time, he invited me to his home, he said he would cook for me, but I felt kind of insulted because I belive that if a guy invites you to his home, it is because he wants to have sex. I said I would prefer to do something else like going for a coffe, he was not so happy about it but he accepted. He behaved kind of a jerk, he told me about a very disgusting experience in high school i felt like he was trying to pull me away or something I dont know. Well the thing is that at the end he said something like “it was very nice to spend time with you,“ and kissed me on the cheek, I felt kind of bad after that because I was trying to behave cute as I naturally am, so I came on to my car and drove back home. Both times I paid my part. He never talked to me again, me neither is needless to say, but the point is this. I feel like just wanted to fuck me or something, so what is the point of setting a boundary with someone that invites you to his home if he already decide that he just want to have sex with you? What do you think? If a guy invites you to his home, is that a signal that he sees you like a hook?
If a guy invites you to his home it is because he sees you as a hook?
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