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Should I go on a date with my son's friend?

So i met this Muslim guy at my son's 18th birthday party. My son and him both her friends. He is quite big athletic sharp comparing to my son and husband who her average American men. This is guy is from Egypt, here completing his studies. I think muslim men are quite matured physical at very young age. Personally i don't like muslims or their culture whatever it is (its just my personal taste). So coming to the point , that party day i dressed in a white lace bodycon dress which was really short because recently i put a lot of weight so yeah. There were many kids and among them was he whom i avoided to meet when i came to know that he is a muslim. But eventually i had to meet him when my son introduced to me. There was one moment when i was trying to take out some juice cans from the fridge and he was right behind me touched back slightly with his mid finger which i felt clearly. We stood there talked some moment where i indirectly told me about my hatred for muslim community and then later he took my number which i had to give. A week later he called me one afternoon when nobody was at home. We had usual talks (flirts frm his side) for some moment and then he asked me out for a date. He said he will book a hotel room and wants to date me there privately. He also said he will end confusions about muslims from my mind and create a positive vibe. He also mentioned that he wants to see me in a short tight jean skirt. I refused him at first but by emotional blackmailing he successfully convinced me now! And he also asked not to inform this to my son or to my husband. The guy is not cute but very sharp handsome and tall which is really attractive. Should i accept his offer and meet him or just say no? How would be the date between us? What do you think?
Should I go on a date with my son's friend?
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